11 Reasons For Permanently Banned From TikTok (What To Do)

Permanently Banned From TikTok

TikTok is a popular video-sharing platform that has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years. It has become an excellent source of income for creators of content.

The truth is, TikTok has some strict rules that every user must adhere to. In the event of a dispute, they could face account suspension. If your user account is blocked or you wish to ensure your account is safe, this guide is ideal for you.

It is recommended to ensure that your actions are in line with the terms of Service (TOS) to ensure that you’re never removed from the platform.

We will discuss the major reasons behind Permanently Banned From TikTok and ways to obtain your account reinstated.

Permanently Banned From TikTok (11 Reasons, What To Do)

Permanently Banned From TikTok

A permanent ban on TikTok is a nightmare, especially if you’ve invested time and effort in establishing your account.

Here are the 11 main factors that could have led to your TikTok account being banned.

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Conducting Illegal Activities

The conduct of illegal activities is among the main reasons behind permanently removing your account.

According to TikTok, More than 60% of total accounts shut down in 2021 were due to illicit actions.

Sharing illegal content via video, direct messages, or even posts is forbidden on the platform.

The algorithm of TikTok is powerful enough to detect any kind of.

TikTok bans you from the platform with no prior warning if you are caught.

The rules for TikTok’s illegal activities differ from country to country.

The platform won’t let you access unlawful content in your nation, even when it’s legal in another.

We strongly suggest that you read the TOS of your country to stay clear of any TikTok violation.

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Threatening Users

Permanently Banned From TikTok

Inflicting threats on other users is another serious policy violation that could cause the suspension of your account for life.

If you’ve threatened someone else’s life, their money, or other form threats to your safety, you may be in danger.

TikTok can detect threats like this, and users can signal the issue to TikTok.

The company may also take legal actions against you based on this threat.

Due to the strict rules of TikTok regarding threats, You should never intimidate anyone, even if it’s just a joke or a joke.

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Sharing Violent Content

TikTok is a bit different than the other platforms on social networks in the way it shares violent content.

The platform has had to face bans from various nations due to its users posting violent content; it has become more shrewd in its approach to this type of violation.

Social media has built its algorithm able to recognize violent content.

Even if it does not identify any of the issues, the company takes immediate action against one policy violation that falls in this class.

Anything with graphic content such as blood, guts, or armor is considered violent content, and it is strictly forbidden.

It is best to avoid sharing information via direct messages, too.

Blackmailing Users

Permanently Banned From TikTok

TikTok is taking serious steps to stop blackmailing.

The company could even deactivate your account for good if it considers the threat of blackmailing to be harmful to the public.

Hacking threats, extortion, inflicting disrespect, abuse, or similar behavior is considered an attempt to blackmail users on TikTok.

Engaging in such activities could land you in trouble.

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Promoting Self-Harm Activities Or Harassing Users

Unfortunately, a lot of people use TikTok to harass and intimidate individuals.

Harassment and bullying do not always have rational reasons for their actions.

When people dislike someone or a person on social networks, they can start bullying them.

TikTok has strict guidelines against any of these activities, which involve bullying, cyberbullying, or the instigation of self-harm.

TikTok also urges users to report any issues to their support team, which is available 24/7.

It has teams on the lookout for any reports of this kind, and they will immediately suspend the account following an investigation.

If you’re a TikTok user and have encountered any of these issues with the service, contact support to receive a swift solution.

But, if you’re simply an ordinary user, it is best to avoid doing any of these activities.

Spamming Or Misleading The Community

Permanently Banned From TikTok

Since the beginning, fraudulent activity has been the most significant problem for online social networking platforms, particularly TikTok.

People could get fake likes, followers’ comments, or views from various spamming actions.

Following the update to TikTok’s TOS However, the problem has been solved.

TikTok has become more strict in its approach to spamming and is never afraid to permanently block accounts that violate the rules.

However, spamming isn’t only restricted to fake followers or likes, comments, or views.

TikTok is also able to consider the repetitive activity as spam.

For example, suppose you’re always liking new video clips or watching the exact one frequently.

TikTok may consider you a spammer and could result in you being either permanently or for a short period.

Sharing Sexually Explicit Content

TikTok is not allowed to share any content that contains nudity or excessive vulgarity.

If you’re in this particular video and not, do allow it.

The algorithm of TikTok will immediately eliminate any such content that is shared on the platform.

While at the same time, it will also give you a message warning.

It is important to take this seriously and avoid similar actions in the future.

If you continue to do the same act you were warned about and continue to do it, you’ll be permanently removed from TikTok.

Underage Accounts

TikTok, as with many other social media platforms, restricts minors’ use by the platform as a large number of activities takes place online that aren’t appropriate for young audiences.

In addition, predators could send messages to children not their age and entice them to contact them.

TikTok has stated in its Terms of Service that users who sign-up on TikTok must be over 13 years old.

The sign-up process was simple for underage users; they could quickly be approved.

Yet, TikTok has started suspending them once it discovers their age.

TikTok will display a pop-up that allows you to determine if you’re not yet.

It is also possible to check your age to determine if there is a valid reason.

When the platform has confirmed that you’re not of legal age, the platform will be quick to remove your account completely.

It is best to stay clear of TikTok when you do not meet the age requirements of TikTok.

If you’ve attempted to sign for the service recently, TikTok won’t allow you to join and will deny your application.

Following the latest updates, TikTok asks for the user’s age at sign-up.

When you input the date of birth, it compares your age with your email.

If your age is compatible, TikTok will approve your account. However, if it doesn’t, then your account will be blocked.

Hateful Behavior

TikTok denounces all hateful actions towards anyone or caste, sect, religion, or group of people.

It doesn’t allow users to voice their hateful opinions on anything on the platform.

Creating a video or textual content that emphasizes or highlights the weaknesses of any particular individual or group is not permitted.

TikTok also views any abuse through messages or its main feed as an act of vile conduct.

Your efforts should be focused on the entertainment and improvement of the population and not on degrading them.

While TikTok permits content that emphasizes an alternative viewpoint, staying within the limitations is crucial.

It is possible to share your thoughts on any subject. However, it should not be a source of harassment or hatred to the community.

Minor Safety

Following the most recent upgrade, TikTok has added a minor safety feature to the Conditions of Service.

Social media has announced that it will take strict action against any activity that violates children’s rights and negatively affects their wellbeing.

As a TikTok author, you’ll have to take extra care when creating your TikTok content.

Any textual or video content that promotes self-harm, sexual or other content geared toward minors is prohibited.

Additionally, TikTok has mentioned in its TOS that it will report any such actions to authorities in the legal system, which could result in more than suspension of accounts.

Platform’s Security

TikTok has been a victim of hacking and data manipulation security threats before and has been strict against these threats ever since.

TikTok is always watching users who are suspected of breaching security.

The algorithm of TikTok is strong enough to identify these kinds of activities and block the IPs immediately.

If your IP is blocked, you will not be able to establish another user account with that IP address, even after you have changed your information.

TikTok could also file a lawsuit against you as security on the platform is their top priority.

In the app, TikTok also has safety teams that monitor these activities on the platform.

How To Get Back A Permanently Deleted TikTok Account (3 Ways)

Regaining a permanently banned TikTok account is difficult, but not impossible.

There are many ways in which you can test your changes.

However, you must be aware of the small likelihood of successful account recovery.

If your account was shut down due to any of the mentioned reasons, you might be able to regain access to your account if you’ve got the right attitude.

Three major methods will assist you in getting your account reinstated.

  1. By Filling Out the Appeal Form
  2. By Emailing the TikTok Support
  3. Through the Feedback Form.

By Filling Out The Appeal Form

Contesting the decision of TikTok’s suspend your account is the most effective method of gaining your TikTok account restored.

Before doing this, however, it is important to know the reasons for the suspension.

This will allow you to better explain your situation for TikTok support.

If you suspect that your account was suspended by mistake, you should make an argument that is convincing by obtaining all details of your account, e.g., your evidence of age, your account’s logging at a certain time, etc.

You can appeal to a few of the steps listed below.

  1. Launch TikTok. Open the TikTok application.
  2. Visit Your Profile and select to open the settings option on your profile.
  3. Click on Report a Problem.
  4. Scroll down, then tap Need help. There will be an option dropdown.
  5. Within the form, write down your issue in detail. Then select the Send option.

If, however, TikTok has blocked accounts completely and you’re not able to access it, you may appeal using these steps directly on the official website of TikTok.

Visit support.tiktok.com and follow the exact steps by tapping on the Report option on the sidebar.

Emailing The TikTok Support

It is also a great option when you cannot reinstate your account via using the TikTok Appeal form.

Emails work perfectly for both temporary and permanent suspension of the account.

But, before sending an email, you must ensure that you have all of the information.

This will allow you to make a strong argument that will improve the chances of regaining your account.

TikTok has a variety of emails accessible on its official website, which makes it difficult for many users.

You should pick the most appropriate option for your particular situation.

TikTok will ban accounts permanently, mostly due to TOS infractions.

This means that you should use the email address that directly represents your support staff.

We strongly recommend sending copies of your email to each email address mentioned.

This can increase your chance of being noticed and possibly even resolve your issue.

Here are the main operational emails for TikTok.

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. [email protected]
  5. [email protected]

When you write an email, it is important to describe your issue in depth.

It is also important to provide all the necessary documents and images to provide the support team with a clear conviction in asking for their assistance in resolving the issue.

Use The Feedback Form

If the issue you are facing isn’t solved after the initial two steps, you must consider filling out your feedback on the form.

The form wasn’t specifically designed to restore permanently banned accounts. However, you can utilize it to achieve this goal.

It is easy to conduct a Google search or visit “Share Your Comments” at the bottom of the TikTok home page to access the way to submit your feedback.

Follow these steps to fill in the form of feedback correctly.

  1. Input your contact details when you have accessed this page (make sure you fill in the same details as you used to create your TikTok accounts).
  2. Select one of the topics and the subtopic by using the dropdown menu at the end of the page (select the option to suspend or ban your account).
  3. After that, select “Tell us more” and select the Recover Account option in the menu.
  4. Go through the How we can help section and discuss your issue in detail.
  5. Include all relevant proofs in the attachment section located at the lower right of the document.
  6. Select both confirmation checks and then submit the form.

Be sure to stay professional when you write the How can we assist section. Be sure to avoid using harsh language.

Be as specific as you can to provide TikTok’s support team with more clarity about the issue.

This will allow them to make the right decision and get your account reinstated.

Two TikTok Bans Apart From Permanent Ones

While TikTok is very clear regarding infractions of terms, it’s flexible regarding some small issues.

The platform doesn’t permanently prohibit TikTok accounts.

There are two additional kinds of account bans that are available on TikTok.

TikTok Shadow Ban

Shadowban is when you’re not banned from the site. However, TikTok can reduce your content to a large extent.

Your videos won’t be able to reach you’re for You Page, and your profile’s visibility will be lost.

TikTok will do this if you are found guilty of engaging in several spam actions.

The platform is not well-known, and the lack of interactions with the community could be the reason behind this ban.

The only way to get around the ban on this is to be active and be in touch with people in the area.

If the ban has not been lifted, You can talk to customer service via the report page or directly send an email.

TikTok Temporary Ban

The site’s name suggests that TikTok applies these bans only for a brief period.

It is possible that you will not be able to take specific actions or sign in at once. TikTok suspends your account for a short period to your account.

A temporary ban is typically issued when you’ve violated any of the minor TOS that the website has.

Additionally, certain actions that are repeated can lead to a ban.

If TikTok decides to ban this and it is enforced, the only way to lift it is to reach out to the support department of TikTok.

The most effective method is to contact assistance from the support team using the form provided on the page for reports.

In general, TikTok replies within two to three days. After that, your account will then be reinstated.

But, it will send you a clear message, and your account may be subject to permanent suspension if you keep at it and continue to violate the identical terms of usage.

How Long Does It Take To Get Back A Permanently Banned TikTok Account?

There’s no specific time to recover for permanently exiled TikTok accounts permanently banned.

In general, you’ll get an answer, whether positive or negative, within 7 to 10 days.

The length of time it takes to get your account reinstated is dependent on the support team of TikTok and the type of offense you have committed.

If you’ve violated any of the TOS on TikTok, You will be able to get your account reinstated within an instant.

If the offense is serious, the answer may take more than 10 days.

Sometimes TikTok might not even reinstate your account.

We strongly suggest waiting for two to three working days before making an appeal or contacting an assistant.

This will ensure that the account isn’t temporary or shadowbanned but is banned permanently.

It is also important to give at least 10 days following the filing of an appeal to suspend your account before using the next method.

Does TikTok Unban Permanently Ban Accounts?

TikTok removes accounts permanently blocked when there is a minor problem or if an account is banned in error.

In most instances, TikTok lifts the temporary bans instantly when you make a complaint; however, if the platform cannot remove the account due to a specific reason, you’ll have to wait for a certain time before receiving an answer.

The most well-known account unban incident was the one by Addison Rey, the third-biggest TikTok influencer on the planet.

Her account was shut down for life by TikTok.

But she was able to restore it in the future.

It clarifies the long-term ban for the majority of TikTok users.

How To Avoid Permanent TikTok Ban?

The content creation in the TOS stipulated in the TOS cited by TikTok will ensure that you do not get a restriction for the service.

It is possible to receive one or two warnings minor from TikTok; however, you must ensure your account is safe from more serious warnings.

Certain activities may not provide you with the chance to be warned, and instead, you could be immediately banned.


It is more important to make sure that your actions comply with the guidelines of TikTok rather than having your account suspended permanently.

However long you’ve spent on the platform or the credibility of your account, TikTok won’t tolerate any serious infraction.

If, however, your account continues to be suspended for some reason, you can attempt to appeal the decision.

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