PC & Desktop Spotify Doesn’t Work: Here are 7 Solutions.

Spotify Doesn't Work

Spotify can be used on a SmartPhone or Smart TV. However, some users reported Spotify not working on their desktops. You may also encounter errors if you try to use Spotify from a Windows PC.

Spotify Doesn’t Work error can seem complicated, especially if Spotify is new. These issues can be easily fixed using our simple troubleshooting methods.

We hope you find this guide helpful, regardless of whether you need all or a few.

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Desktop Spotify Doesn’t Work

Spotify Doesn't Work

It makes sense to have the desktop version if you don’t like headphones or prefer using speakers. It can be frustrating when the desktop version stops working. We have collected the most frequent issues with Spotify Desktop.

This guide is for Windows PC users. Here’s how you can fix the problem if you cannot play Spotify on your Mac.

Spotify on Desktop: Common problems

  • Your computer needs to be updated
  • Spotify is now down
  • Your details are incorrectly entered
  • The Spotify app is no longer available
  • Your system cannot handle the desktop application
  • Your internet connection keeps dropping out

You can fix Spotify errors by reading the following.

If you are having trouble logging into your Spotify account, we have the solution.

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Spotify is not working on your Desktop?

Spotify Doesn't Work

We have 7 simple fixes that will get Spotify working on your Desktop.

If you’re unsure if the problem is with your device or with Spotify, please contact us. Based on user reports, the Down Detector can give you useful information. Share if Spotify has issues or is down. Troubleshooting your problem may not be possible if this is the case. These methods can be used to fix Spotify on the Desktop.

Fix 1.

Even though it may seem obvious, Spotify is only possible with an internet connection. Your computer may not have a backup internet source, such as mobile data. Spotify won’t function if your internet stops working on the Desktop.

You can perform a speed test to determine if your router is experiencing issues. If your router is working as it should, you can then perform a speed test. Then, we recommend that you reboot your desktop computer.

If your router has problems, turn it off at the wall and leave it there for a while before turning it back on. Allow it to restart for 5 minutes.

Fix 2.

It’s worth attempting to relaunch Spotify if you experience problems opening Spotify. Close Spotify by clicking the ‘x” in the upper right corner. Wait for the program to close and then relaunch Spotify. If this does not fix your Spotify error, we have many more solutions.

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Fix 3.

Spotify Doesn't Work

Software that is out of date can often cause programs to stop running properly. This is also true for a computer that needs an update. This can be done on your Desktop:

  1. Use the Windows key to press I
  2. After that, press Update & Security
  3. It will indicate whether updates are required at the top
  4. Press update if they are necessary. Your PC will then close and restart.
  5. It may take some time, so make sure you do it when you have the time.
  6. Optional updates can be applied, such as Windows 11 installation.

Fix 4. Uninstall Spotify, then Reinstall

Spotify: How do I uninstall it?

You can still use Spotify on your Desktop if you don’t have the app installed. Check if the program is still running in the background before beginning the process. Close Spotify if it is still running. Or else, Spotify will fail to uninstall. These are the steps to uninstall Spotify on your computer.

  1. Click the Start Key at the bottom of your PC
  2. Next, choose the settings
  3. Next, select Apps and then ‘Apps Features.’
  4. Next, locate the program that you wish to delete and click Uninstall.

Are there other Spotify problems? How to fix Spotify Error 18 easily.

To reinstall Spotify

Here’s how to reinstall Spotify.

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Next, select Microsoft Store
  3. Go to the tab ‘Apps and Games’
  4. Next, search for “Spotify” and click “get”. Your download will start.

After installing the app again, sign back into your Spotify account. This should resolve your problem. If it doesn’t, we recommend one of our troubleshooting suggestions.

Fix 5. Hardware Acceleration

Although it sounds daunting, it is actually quite simple. This setting in Spotify uses your computer’s hardware instead of Spotify. However, this setting can cause problems when optimizing Spotify. This is especially true if your computer cannot perform the functions Spotify requires. If you do not manually untick the option, it will be already ticked in the system.

This is how you can remove this setting from Spotify Desktop.

  • Go to Spotify Desktop, and wait for it to load.
  • Next, select the “alt key” on your keyboard.
  • Next, select “file” from the top menu. Then choose “view”.
  • When you press this, it will stop ticking.
  • Allow Spotify to close down, then allow it to reset for a while, and then open the app again.

Fix 6. Use Windows Task Manager

Some users have complained that Spotify runs in the background even when the app is closed. This can cause your computer to shut down and cause problems with Spotify. Windows Task Manager can be used to close the app completely.

You don’t have to know how to do it if you’re unsure.

  • Use the Ctrl+Shift+Esc key combination to access your keyboard.
  • Give it a while, and then select Task Manager.
  • Next, search Spotify. Then right-click on it and select End Task. It will be closed if Spotify is not on the list.

Fix 7.

Spotify may not be working on your older computer. The web browser version is a great way for you to listen to your music without downloading a program.

To access the Spotify Web Version:

  1. Click on select.
  2. Scroll to the bottom, and you will find the web player.
  3. Sign in and choose this. After you’ve done that, you will be able to access your playlists on the Desktop or mobile app.

This is an option to listen to music from your desktop computer, even though it may not be the best.


Spotify is a great tool for listening to music and creating playlists. You can also share your favourites with friends. This can make it difficult to fix your Desktop when Spotify isn’t working. This is especially true if your computer crashes.

While Spotify can’t be used on every web browser, it is an option. We hope that you have solved the Spotify problem on your Desktop using our troubleshooting guide.

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