Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seed | Where To Find Mokoko Seed?

Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seed

In all the collectibles found in Lost Ark, by far the most common are Mokoko Seeds. More than 1000 of them are scattered across the game and found in every corner and crevice. Finding those tiny green seeds may be quite a challenge.

Opportunity Isle has that it has that You can find Mokoko Seeds. Opportunity Isle is a tiny island with nothing to provide other than fishing, fishing, and much more fishing. When you’ve located seeds, you can simply walk up to them and interact with them in order to take them home.

Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed On Tooki Island

This is everything you need to be aware of to locate the seeds you need within Lost Ark.

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Tooki Island is one of two islands of Lost Ark entirely dedicated to Tookis (the other is Tooki Corporation). In Tooki Island, slaughtering Tookis including those of the Tooki King is the theme of to play. Don’t feel too down about it. There are many of them.

As with others, Tooki Island has Mokoko Seeds scattered across it and even though none are on the map, they can be quite difficult to identify. They are equally distributed throughout the island since there is a single seed within each of the three sections. Let’s take a look at exactly where they’re situated.

Accessing Tooki Island

Tooki Island is not an island that you can visit any time you’d like. Instead, it’s one that is only active a few times throughout the day and is an event with a time limit. It is also annoying that you can choose from four distinct places to spawn (indicated in the photo above).

Ten minutes prior to the spawning of the real island, a whirlpool is expected to appear at one of four locations, which will indicate the location where Tooki Island will spawn. If you’re unable to find it (or you need to ensure your ship’s endurance) wait for the general chat to get started, for chances are people will be calling out the location where Tooki Island is (and is not) being spawned.

Mokoko Seed One

The very first Mokoko Seed is located near the entry point of the island, on its eastern side. It’s difficult to see from certain angles since it’s located right beneath some rocks. In order to be able to see it, you must position yourself from the location.

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Mokoko Seed Two

Another Mokoko Seed is right next to the fishing area, located along the path that leads to the western portion of the island. It’s in the open, however, it can be difficult to spot in the lush vegetation which is why you should keep an eye out for it (or simply stay close to it and let the game offer you the chance to grab it).

Mokoko Seed Three

Third Mokoko Seed is in the northern region of this island (where the Tooki King appears after the entire event). It’s nearly impossible to spot since it’s directly beneath two huge mushrooms (one that has a cap of orange and green). Chances are that you won’t be in a position to spot it therefore, rather than looking at your eyes and combing your brain for hours simply go to the location and let the game offer you the option of picking it up. Simple as that.

Where can I find Mokoko seeds located on Opportunity Isle in Lost Ark?

Opportunity Isle Island is only visible sometimes. It is a rotating daily cycle of three islands that appear occasionally. At times, Opportunity Isle will be one of the three islands. It is easy to determine which islands are open and receive notifications once you’ve reached level 50.

To locate the distinctive Mokoko seeds on this island, you must begin the mission to be teleported to the eastern region in eastern part of the island. When you arrive, head to the leftmost part of the island and you will find an island dock. This dock has been marked with the gold star. There is a jumping point on this dock that will lead passengers to Mokoko Seed.

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If you need help finding the various Mokoko Seeds, check out the Pro Game Guides All Mokoko Seed Locations in Mount Zagoras in Lost Ark!

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