OneStream Receives $200m from D1 Capital Partners-led funding

OneStream Receives $200m from D1 Capital Partners-led funding

OneStream was able to raise $200 million of equity. It is valued at $6 billion under the direction of D1 Capital Partners, aided by Tiger Global and Investment Group of Santa Barbara (IGSB).

Known for its software, deployable through cloud computing and capable of simplifying financial consolidation, planning, reporting analytics, and financial data quality, two years ago, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) became its private equity investor, holding a major stake worth more than $500 million. Backed by KKR, OneStream was valued at $ 1 billion. With an enhanced focus on corporate performance management (CPM) that includes numerous financial corporate operations, OneStream stays safe in its business.

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OneStream Receives $200m from D1 Capital Partners-led funding

To the present, OneStream now aims to utilize the $200 million to provide customers with the tools they need to meet the demands for their services amid the fact that customers typically replace their old software and basic spreadsheet-based processes in the shortest amount of time.

Investors were more concerned about how OneStream attracted more customers and stayed ahead of competitors in the last year. The company’s stellar customer service, Andrew Wynne, a director in D1 Capital Partners, stated,

“Management’s relentless concentration on customer satisfaction has allowed OneStream to take a substantial market share from competitors while achieving significant Growth in revenue and acquisition of customers. We believe that OneStream has the potential and product needed to become an undisputed leader within its industry .”

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As technology advances, and an increased reliance on cloud computing to manage processes in one system, companies like OneStream have seen their business grow. Another trend that should be noticed is that the pandemic’s digital change has favored companies aiding businesses in adjusting to the digital space. One Stream’s value growth is supported by this fact since during the past year, particularly during the pandemic, its annual recurring revenue increased by 85 percent, accompanied by an increase in customer numbers of around 40 percent, bringing the total up to 650 companies.

One of the most exciting aspects of OneStream is that it has expanded its user base to include users outside of the realm of technology companies. The software is used by celebrities like the McCain, Fruit of the Loom, and many more.

Speaking about the company’s future, OneStream’s Chief Financial Officer Bill Koefeed stated that they need to grow what they currently have. The company’s expansion to include operations within Asia Pacific and making inroads into France, along with activities that they have in North Korea and Europe, is one of the objectives.

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Whatever they do, the main focus will be on the provision of services for the finance department and managing money- “money spending” and revenue generation.” and tools for planning and operating in areas such as HR sales, IT marketing Supply Chain Management “and various other fields to assure that they are aligned and have optimal resource allocations” Koefeed added.

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