One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers domain_6

One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers domain_6

Chapter 1046 was the final chapter of One Piece. Luffy declared once more that King of Pirates if Kaido asked him. As everyone tried to regroup, they continued their fight. The flames blocked many escape routes and trapped various groups in different areas. Raizo, Jimbei, and their team managed to channel a torrent through the castle, extinguishing most of the flames.

Yamato cheers Momonosuke while he struggles to form Flame Clouds in Chapter 1047 to stop Onigashima crashing. But no matter how many times he attempts, the clouds never form. He becomes demoralized and remembers the last time he saw his mother before setting out for the future. Toki encouraged her child to travel with Kin’emon 20 years after the destruction of their castle. She believed Momo was capable of rebuilding the family’s strength. Momo cried and protested. Kin’emon then scolded.

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He told him that shame for a samurai can be as heavy as the burden of life. Momo is no longer a child and questioning his mother is a shameful thing to do. Kin’emon pleaded with Momonosuke to give them and the others another chance at fighting, asking him to permit them to die in samurai combat.

Momo watched Kin’emon bow in respect. He, and the other retainers, were trembling. He looked away from Momo and wiped away the tears. He turned to Toki, and after a brief moment he looked back at the group. He cried and let out a sigh of relief, before telling her he was ready. Momo is now feeling defeated and believes he’s failing his mother. He once again attempts to build enough clouds that Onigashima will not be able to get any closer to the Flower Capital. The city is already visible, and the clock is ticking.

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Kaido appears impressed with Luffy’s lightning skills on the Skull Dome’s roof. Luffy grasps the lightning and uses his Gum Gum Lightning attack to thrust it towards Kaido.

Momonosuke hears someone calling from the outside. Yamato and Luffy are both shocked to see a huge fist above them. Luffy claims he’s ending their fight and asks Momo if he can move the island. Yamato believes Luffy will punch through Onigashima while Momo tries protest. Luffy however encourages Momo by saying that he trusts in him.

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