Oculus Quest: Easy Fix Audio on VR Headset

Oculus Quest

Is there a sound from your Oculus Quest when you try to play a video game or use one of its additional features?

It is important that you connect headphones compatible with your Oculus headset.

It is not necessary to connect your Oculus Quest with a PC. However, make sure the sound settings are correct if you do so. Otherwise, your computer won’t have permission to access your Oculus speakers.

This guide will explain why your Oculus Quest doesn’t have sound and give you simple steps to fix it.

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Why is There No Sound On My Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest: Easy Fix Audio on VR Headset

Why can’t I hear anything on my Oculus Quest?

If your OculusQuest software is not up to date, you may experience no sound through the device. Your Oculus Quest will experience problems if it is running on an outdated version of the software.

Software updates are essential to keep your gaming system running at its best.

Your Oculus Quest may not make a sound for other reasons.

Oculus Volume is muted.

It is possible that you are unaware that the volume has been turned down or that the sound level has been reduced.

The sound settings on your computer may be incorrectly set after you have connected Oculus Quest.

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Oculus Headphones Not Working

Oculus Quest: Easy Fix Audio on VR Headset

There may not be audio if you’re trying to use an Oculus Quest set.

Your headset won’t transmit Oculus audio if it doesn’t have a 3.5mm connector.

Oculus Quest 2 accepts USB-C headphones as an alternative.

Audio Output and Input Settings

You will need to set the correct audio input and output settings to use your Oculus with your PC. Your Oculus Quest won’t sound if this setting is incorrect.

This will allow your computer to access Oculus speakers.

Oculus Headset on Standby

The audio won’t come through if your Oculus headset has been set to standby and not on normal.

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How to fix Oculus Quest’s no sound

Oculus Quest: Easy Fix Audio on VR Headset

Your Oculus Quest can be fixed to have no sound by updating its software. This will fix any problems with your Oculus Quest and increase the quality of your features.

Your Oculus Quest 2 or Quest 3 should automatically update their software when an update is available. Make sure you have the following items to ensure that your headset is automatically updated.

  • Charge your headset
  • The device is turned on
  • Your WiFi network is stable and connected
  • Place your Oculus on a flat surface

However, you can still complete the manual Oculus Quest Software Update.

How to manually update Oculus Quest 2.

Step 1. Set your headset to

Step 2. Open the Oculus universal menu by pressing and holding the main button on your controller.

Step 3. Get into ‘Settings’

You can use the Clock key to open the Quick Settings menu

Step 4. Select System’ then Software Update.’

You can choose ‘HT0_ Download Update’ if an update is available.

You can also use these other solutions to get the sound back on Oculus Quest.

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Unmute Volume Settings

If you have an Oculus, make sure that your volume is not reduced on your PC or Oculus.

In the settings section, you can unmute Oculus Quest.

Oculus Headphones

Make sure your headphones are compatible with the Oculus Quest. Only Quest 2 headphones will work with them.

OculusQuest 2 and OculusQuest 1 do not accept headset microphones.

Which headphones work with Oculus Quest

Additional headphones can be used with an Oculus Qest 2 if you already own them.

The Quest 2 can accept certain USB-C headphones and adapters. Your Oculus Quest2 may not be hearing the sound because your headphones are not compatible with it.

Please note that if you have used two headphones, only the set plugged into the headset’s 3.5mm sound port will work.

Confirm the audio input and output settings

You need to ensure that the audio input and output settings on your Oculus Quest are correct after connecting it to your computer via a USB cable.

Your computer will require access to Oculus speakers.

Disable Oculus Quest Standby Mode

Is your Oculus Quest on standby? The Oculus Quest may have been set to automatically go into sleep mode when you wake up. You can turn this off manually.

Step 1. Open Settings

Step 2. Select the Power option.

Step 3. Modify the “Auto Sleep” timer to turn off

This should prevent your Oculus Quest from going into sleep mode.

restart to your Oculus Quest will fix the no sound error. This will confirm that the hardware in your Oculus Quest is working properly.

According to some reports, the problem can be solved by turning off your Oculus Quest and allowing it to charge at 100%.

Oculus Quest 2, No Sound When Casting

Oculus Quest has no sound when casting.

If the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 are connected to different WiFi networks, there will be no sound when your Oculus Quest casts to your TV. To ensure that your Oculus can pair, the headset and TV must be connected to the same internet connection.

Your phone must be connected to the same network as your Oculus mobile application.

What are the requirements for casting from Oculus Quest?

The minimum requirements are required to ensure that you can cast from Oculus Quest onto your TV.

  • Chromecast compatibility is required for your TV
  • Excellent connection
  • Oculus Quest must be charged

Did you know that the Oculus device can be used worldwide? It has around 300 unique pieces sourced from all parts of the globe. These include the Oculus strap and audio arms as well as cables. The Oculus’ fabric is sourced from Europe, Asia, and the US em>

Why is there no sound when I cast my Oculus Quest on TV?

It could be the following:

  • Your TV model may not be compatible
  • At the same time as you are casting, you want to record.
  • The cast has been affected by the Oculus app being reduced or closed down
  • Your Oculus battery is too low

You should not do anything other than using the Oculus casting feature. This will guarantee full functionality.

Is Oculus Quest compatible with Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are supported by Oculus Quest. However, it has been suggested that Bluetooth headphones should be used with a cable connection. This can cause your audio to go out of sync and possibly lead to Oculus Quest having no sound.

These are the steps to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Oculus Quest.

Step 1. Open the Settings menu in your Oculus

Step 2. Click the Experimental Features button

Please note, Turn on your Bluetooth headphones to ensure they are found

Step 3. To pair with, click on the Pair link. to pair with HTML3_.

Step 4. Select the device you want from the provided list

Now pair your headphones with your headset. Remember that if your Oculus Quest does not sound, it is likely because your Bluetooth headphones are incompatible.


We hope that this guide helped you understand why your Oculus Quest didn’t have sound and how to get it back using one of the four simple solutions.

Compatible headphones are essential for Oculus Quest. They can be wired or Bluetooth.

We recommend visiting the Oculus Support page if your Oculus Quest does not have an audio problem. You should find the answer to your question or concern here.

If their Oculus server goes down, you may have problems loading the Oculus support page or performing standard functions on your Quest.

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