Oculus Blinking Red Light On Headset: Here’s How Fix

Oculus Blinking Red Light On Headset

Is Oculus Quest working correctly? Does Oculus Blinking Red Light On Headset? Is the problem present with Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 headsets? This guide will explain why you are experiencing the issue and how to fix it using simple troubleshooting steps.

Oculus Quest lets you experience a virtual reality paradise. You can use the VR headset to experience stereo sound, head/eye-tracking sensors and a change in your field of vision when you turn your head.

Oculus Quest users have reported that the headset flashes red when they turn it on. Our guide will help you identify the cause of the Oculus Quest blinking red light. Although Oculus Quest FAQ does not provide a clear explanation, it can be helpful.

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What Does Quest 2’s Flashing Red Signify?

Oculus Blinking Red Light On Headset

Oculus blinking red means that the headset isn’t charging because of an issue with the AC power. If the battery is fully charged, this problem can also occur. The headset might not turn on in this situation.

A problem with the battery connector can cause a blinking red light to appear on the headset. This happens when your Oculus Quest is plugged into the charger, but the headset does not show any signs of charging. It is possible to hold down the power button for 20 seconds, but this will not change the flashing speed.

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Why Does My Oculus Blinking Red Light?

Your Oculus Quest may be flashing red and not turning on.

  • The headset battery has been completely drained.
  • A problem has occurred with the headset battery connection, resulting in a blinking light.
  • Oculus Quest charging cable or charger is not working properly
  • Damage to the Oculus charging port and power socket.

How can I fix Oculus Quest’s Blinking Red Light?

Oculus Blinking Red Light On Headset

To fix Oculus Quest’s blinking red light, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Forced charges

To fix the Oculus headset’s red blinking light, charge it. The headset can take between 1.5 and 2.5 hours to fully charge, depending on how much you use it. It will then indicate a green light.

Hold the power button down for 30 seconds until the Quest turns green. The charger should be plugged into the headset and left to charge for 30 minutes. Once the charger is plugged in, you can press the power button to display the battery meter. The headset is charged if the battery meter displays an orange light.

Wait for the green light to change again. If the blinking red light doesn’t turn to orange, or if it is not turning green again, you can try the next solution.

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Take off the lens cover.

Oculus Quest headsets come with a black cover and instructions. Some people put the lens cover in the original box of the Oculus Quest headset without taking it out from the wall or turning it off.

Oculus Quest sometimes wakes up due to the black writing on its cover. The lens attempts to read the text and create a VR from it.

The headset will then show a blinking red light and may lose energy. If you don’t plan to use your headset, it should be turned off completely and a cover with a written message removed.

Use a different charger.

Oculus Blinking Red Light On Headset

You may be trying to charge Oculus Quest with an incompatible or defective charger. The headset battery may not charge properly and flash a red light. If you have a different charger, you can try it to charge the VR headset and check if that fixes the problem.

Use a different charging cable.

Another reason for the red blinking light is a faulty or incompatible Oculus Quest USB charger. You can try a spare cable with the charger. After that, verify that the flashing red changes to orange.

The headset charging port should be inspected.

You may have misplaced the USB cable and charger when you tried to replace them.

Make sure you plug the headset in securely and lift the end attached. It will sound like a crackling noise when the cable has been plugged in. A small piece of the USB cable white metallic will also be visible sticking out of your headset.

Apply some pressure to the charging cable at the port if the problem persists. The charging port of your Oculus Quest may be faulty if it starts charging, but the blinking red light becomes orange. Contact Oculus Support to have the VR hardware repaired/replaced.

Make sure you have a working power source.

A flashing red light indicates that the headset has lost its charge. The problem might not lie with the charging accessories or how you plug the charging cable into your headset. The power socket may be defective and not provide enough volts for Oculus Quest.

You can plug the charger into another power outlet and try to get the orange light on your headset.

Oculus heat issues should be ruled out.

The Oculus headset will sometimes not charge and flashes a red light when it’s too warm. If it is this, the device will eventually charge itself.


This guide will help you fix the Oculus blinking red lights issue. This problem is most common if the headset is left on for too long without being charged or if not charging it after use. The headset will lose its charge faster if it is charged with a power bank.

We recommend that you use the Oculus Quest charger. Also, charge the battery fully after you use the headset. Turn it off before storing.

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