NYMBUS gets $53m from its financing round

NYMBUS gets $53m from its financing round

NYMBUS, a developer of bank technology, has raised $53 million in its financing round to meet the growing demand.

The existing NYMBUS investor Insight Partners led it.

The funds will improve access to the GROW system, which generates fresh digital income streams for banks and credit unions.

Capital can also be utilized to increase the Company’s product range, including the recently launched Nymbus Labs. This new service aims to remove obstacles for institutions and help them get connected to the communities they serve.

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NYMBUS gets $53m from its financing round

FinTech can allow credit unions and banks in all shapes and sizes to integrate their operations and banking services.

Insight Partners manager director Peter Sobiloff stated, “The shift to profitable digital banking is in the beginning stages for a lot of traditional banks, and Nymbus can fill a huge gap in the market to allow these credit unions and banks to finally stop being a catch-up company and to set up their business for significant growth.”

In connection with the funding, Sobiloff and Insight Partners director AJ Malhotra has joined the Nymbus board of directors.

The Company previously received funding of $12 million in June 2020.

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