No Sound On TikTok: Fix Audio On Social App

No Sound On TikTok

Are you looking around the TikTok FYP (For You Page), and are you unable to hear sound in the TikTok videos?

This could be because of your device not being configured to grant TikTok permission to use your Microphone or that the creator’s content is being turned off due to the use of copyrighted audio.

The easiest way to fix this issue on the social media application is to change your settings, then install the app.

In this guide, we will provide users with all the explanations for why No Sound On TikTok and how to fix this issue, and provide you with advice on how to switch your account to make use of the standard audio in your video.

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What is Reason No Sound On TikTok?

No Sound On TikTok: Fix Audio On Social App

TikTok won’t play sound if you haven’t granted the app the right to access your microphone or speaker. Because TikTok is an online sharing platform, you must set your device’s settings to permit the application to play its audio through an appropriate amplifier, regardless of whether headphones or your phone’s internal speaker.

If you’ve already given TikTok permission to use your phone’s audio, however, you might be experiencing no audio on TikTok because of the following causes:

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Reason 1. Sound is muted

You may have accidentally disabled the sound settings on your phone. This is the reason why you don’t hear any audio on your speaker when you attempt to view an online clip on TikTok.

The volume settings on your device could be set to low, and you aren’t hearing the audio from the stream you’re watching.

Reason 2. Problem with TikTok application

No Sound On TikTok: Fix Audio On Social App

The latest version of TikTok running on your device might contain software that isn’t working properly and interfering with the application’s ability to function correctly.

Corrupted software can result from an earlier update, or you’ve launched TikTok via a suspicious network.

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Reason 3. TikTok cache

Each time you start TikTok and use the application, cache files are automatically saved on your device to speed up the processing speed and enhance the speed of its operation.

In time over time, these cache files get overloaded, preventing TikTok from running smoothly.

What happened to my TikTok being mute?

If you’re browsing across Your FYP (For You Page), you might have come across an audio clip that says, “This Sound isn’t available.

This issue will be triggered when the music that is used in the backdrop of the film is declared copyrighted. This can cause TikTok to mute the music.

The person who made the video could be witness to an error. “Your video was silenced.

Suppose you’re the creator of content who has uploaded the video with copyright-protected music, and TikTok reports it. In that case, it will be changed to “private,” meaning that others will not be able to view the video on FYP.

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How can I return my sound via TikTok?

No Sound On TikTok: Fix Audio On Social App

You can hear the sound on TikTok by giving TikTok permission to gain access to your speaker and Microphone. To enable this feature, visit the settings of your smartphone. If you’re using an iPhone, then you can accomplish this by going into Settings, TikTok > enable Microphone. For Android users; Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > TikTok > Permissions > Microphone > Allow.

This gives TikTok permission to utilize your speaker while watching videos or when you record content through the application.

Apart from enabling the permissions for your gadget, you are able to eliminate the sound problem on TikTok by following the remedies:

Fix 1. Check volume settings

Verify that you’ve not set the volume too low or accidentally muted your device.

When you watch videos on TikTok, it could appear as if the app is without sound in the event that you do not know the volume settings.

Fix 2. Clear TikTok cache

The removal of the cache built-in to TikTok on your device will improve the application’s efficiency and eliminate any problematic files that might interfere with the audio in your video application.

Step 1. Launch TikTok

Step 2. Click on your Profile

Step 3. Select the three lines located in the upper right of your screen

Step 4. Under ‘Cache and Cellular Data, ‘ press “Clear Cache.’

We suggest that you log in from TikTok and then re-open the app to refresh the information.

Fix 3. Update TikTok

The app you are using may need to be upgraded. Updates are regularly released to improve performance and remove any corrupted software that could stop the sound from playing in the videos.

Step 1. Open your app store

Step 2. Search for TikTok

Step 3. Under TikTok, examine whether there is an update button you can click on

Step 4. Click on it and let your gadget take over the current version if there is.

After TikTok was updated, sign back into the account.

(Did you know that TikTok was developed in 2016 by Bytedance In China in the year 2016. It was initially referred to as Douyin, and then it was made available to the world in 2017 under the name TikTok. Douyin and TikTok are the same, but most users of TikTok are young people, while Douyin has drawn the opposite. )

Fix 4. Reinstall TikTok

Removing TikTok off your device and reinstalling it can help revive the program and handle the requests. Delete TikTok from your mobile and then restart your device. It will ensure that all data is erased. Go back to the store and download TikTok.You can now restart TikTok and check if it is running the right audio.

How do I fix a muted video on TikTok?

If the video you want to view on TikTok is mute because the creator has used music that is copyrighted and you are not in a position to fix the music block in your role as a viewer. As the creator of the content, you can fix the video to have audio by changing the quality of your audio in a single step. This will ensure that your video doesn’t get flagged with TikTok’s copywriting detectors.

Re-upload the video

Remove the original video and incorporate a different tune when you upload it to allow for your music to be played on For You Page without getting muted. It will also be automatically made to play. ‘private video’ by TikTok. Step 1. Original video footage should be taken down in Step 2. Re-upload the video that includes an audio track that is different Step 3. Exit TikTok and then log back into Note; there could have been an error on TikTok that resulted in your clip without audio. If you’d like to be sure, you should upload your film with an original soundtrack and then check whether TikTok turns off the audio or sets the content private.

Why can’t I make sound effects on TikTok?

If you sign up for your profile as a corporate account and not a personal account that you have registered as a personal account, you will not be able to access specific sound effects on TikTok. An error message on your screen could be said, “This sound is not licensed to be used for commercial purposes.

That means all accounts for businesses on TikTok cannot add popular music as the audio in videos uploaded to TikTok. If you wish to use the same sound for your video, you’ll have to switch your profile to a personal one.

How do you change TikTok from personal to business:

Step 1. Access the TikTok settings menu

Step 2. Select ‘Manage Account’

Step 3. Under ‘Account Control,’ you will be able to select “Switch to your Account.’

Note that when you switch to a personal account then, you will not have access to analytics, nor will you be able to add your web address within your profile.


Once you know the various reasons you might experience no audio on TikTok, We hope you’ve implemented our four simple solutions to eliminate this problem from your video application.

For audios that are only available through your personal account, you can switch accounts from your business; however, bear in mind that you’ll be unable to access your stats and marketing strategies.

If you’re experiencing problems with your TikTok application, you are able to reach them directly via your mobile application. In order to do that, start your app and navigate to; Profile > Settings and Privacy Report an Issue > Select the topic.

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