New World Isn’t Fullscreen | How to Maximize The Display

New World Isn't Fullscreen

Do you play New World? Are you playing the New World game in beta mode, but your New World Isn’t Fullscreen? Is the game running in a borderless or windowed fullscreen with windows with blue box lines? We’ll discuss how the game can’t be running in fullscreen mode and the best way to solve this issue.

The borderless windowed mode available in New World is a compromise between the game’s windowed screen alternatives and its fullscreen. This mode lets players play with the game’s options without interruption.

However, a lot of New World players have reported that they are unable to play fullscreen with New World.

Additionally, there is a problem with the Windowed mode that causes the GPU to display the game as well as the game’s frame rate. It is 30 to 40 FPS less than the normal mode. Let’s look at the specifics of this issue and come up with a solution that works.

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What’s Wrong With New World? Why is it Not Playing on Fullscreen?

New World Isn't Fullscreen

If you’re New Word game is stuck in the windowed state, it could be caused by one of the following causes.

  • Your video adapters behave irregularly after a fresh Windows installation or driver update.
  • The settings for display on your computer are altered either by you or an update to Windows. Windows update
  • You’ve accidentally pressed Alt + TAB or ALT + ENTER and discovered a glitch when the game isn’t fullscreen.
  • You are using a third-party graphics application that is overriding New World game settings.

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What can I do to solve the issue of the New World, not full screen?

Sometimes it happens that when it happens that the New World beta game is in fullscreen mode, and you press Alt + TAB or Alt + ENTER to switch to Windowed mode, the game will display a blue frame. But the blue frame will disappear when you go to fullscreen. You may try restarting the game restarting your computer; however, the majority of users could not remove the blue frame in this manner. To address this issue, we’ve provided an easy solution.

  • Go through your New World game Settings.
  • In the left pane, select Visuals.
  • On the right side, choose Resolution, then set it to lower than the current Resolution.
  • After you’re done, click Apply the changes.
  • Then, select Window mode, which is above the Resolution option, and set the Resolution to fullscreen, then restore your screen resolution.
  • Launch the game, and confirm that this procedure resolves the blue frame issue.

How do I fix the full screens on games running in Windows 10?

New World Isn't Fullscreen

In the event that New World won’t get fullscreen, take a look at the troubleshooting procedures below. The issue is due to a variety of reasons, so it is recommended to go through all of the steps listed here to fix the issue on the Windows 10 machine.

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Make sure that the display scale is correct.

Sometimes the black bars appear from the sides of the screen during game modes like the New World game. This could be due to changes in your display settings after Windows 10 updates itself. To resolve this problem, it is necessary to have to change your display settings. How to do that:

  • Right-click on any of the Windows 10 desktops and go to Display Settings
  • If you are under the “Scale and Layout” option, click an option that expands the dropdown menu and choose the 100 percent (recommended) option.
  • If the issue continues If the issue persists, open Resolution in scale and Layout and play around with various resolutions to see which one resolves the issue.

Reinstall the video driver

New World Isn't Fullscreen

The most frequent cause for the New World not going fullscreen has to do with a problem with the driver for video adapters. So, in order to remove this possibility, you can try installing a new device’s video driver. This is how:

  • In Device Manager, type in the Start menu
  • Go to Device Manager to expand the list.
  • Expand your Display Drivers selection by clicking it. Then right-clicking on the video adapter you want to use.
  • Click on Uninstall device, then restart your computer.
  • Then, Windows 10 will automatically install the driver.

When Windows 10 fail to install the most current drivers, you can fix it yourself. The first step is to remove the driver for your video adapter from the device manager. Then, go to the video card manufacturer’s website and search for the driver. Then you must install and download the driver, then restart your computer.

Turn off Game Modes

To optimize the performance of your game, your operating System runs scripts and sets game modes to control the performance of your PC’s graphics card hardware. But these game modes may hinder the full-screen capabilities of the games you have installed. To remedy this, make sure to deactivate all active game modes for the Windows 10 PC in the below method.

  • Click the cogwheel icon on the Start menu to start Settings.
  • Choose the Gaming section and go to Game mode.
  • Switch Game mode to Off


We hope this guide has helped to fix this “new world won’t fully screen” bug in your Windows 10 PC. If you are using a third-party graphics application, such as the Nvidia Control panel that is installed on your system, you should make sure its game mode settings have been turned off since it could cause this New Game feature to go fullscreen.

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