Netflix Keeps Buffering? These Are Easy Fixes

Netflix Keeps Buffering

While movies can be a lot of fun on Netflix, there are times when you experience a slowdown due to Netflix buffering. This is often caused by an unstable internet connection. However, other reasons may exist. If you have been experiencing constant buffering when streaming Netflix, here are some solutions.

7 Solutions to “Netflix Keeps Buffering” Problems (2022)

Netflix does its best to minimize buffering issues. Sometimes, however, a server problem or buggy update could cause abrupt streaming during your Netflix binge. The buffering problem is usually caused by our internet connection or our device to watch Netflix. We’ll discuss every reason why Netflix Keeps Buffering videos and offer solutions.

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What is buffering on Netflix?

Netflix Keeps Buffering? These Are Easy Fixes

Buffering is when the video takes longer than the playback speed to load. A slow internet connection usually causes this. It is possible to experience a frozen screen or a circle around a number. You might have a buffering problem on Netflix if the number doesn’t change or is stuck at zero.

The timeline bar is also red in color and does not move. Normal circumstances will cause the bar to appear dark grey. The red line is the current timestamp and the played video. The line in light grey indicates how much video has been preloaded on your device to stream. There won’t be any buffering issues if you have a higher light grey line.

If your device is having problems, sometimes the screen will freeze. It’s not called buffering, as the video isn’t delayed by improper loading. The app could be hanging because of device issues. This issue is usually solved by restarting the app or device. Let’s take a closer look at the other options.

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How to fix Netflix’s buffering

Netflix might be available on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or streaming device. These methods can be used to fix Netflix buffering on any device. If none of these methods work, you can always check if your device works properly. These are the most common solutions to Netflix buffering issues.

Verify your Internet Connection

Netflix Keeps Buffering? These Are Easy Fixes

A slow internet connection is the most common reason for Netflix buffering. To stream Netflix content, make sure you have fast internet. will show you how fast your internet is. This website will show you if your internet speed is sufficient to stream online video.

Netflix recommends that you have a minimum connection speed of 3 Mbps to stream standard definition (SD) and 5 Mbps for high definition (HD) content. A connection speed of 25 Mbps is required for 4K/Ultra HD streaming (UHD). If you experience a slower internet speed than the recommended limit, you should fix your internet problem. These are some ways to fix your internet problem.

Restart your Wi-Fi Modem

A quick restart is the best and easiest way to fix a slow internet connection. Turn off your internet router. Now, remove the plug from its socket. Wait ten minutes, then restart your router. Check again to see if the internet speed has been restored. You can try the following procedure if your internet speed is not restored.

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Make use of the Wired Connection.

The LAN cable can be used to connect to your Wi-Fi router if you are streaming Netflix from your computer or laptop. The wired connection is faster than the wireless. Modern smart TVs have a LAN port that allows you to connect to the internet via a LAN cable. The LAN cable can be used to connect your gaming consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation, with the cable. This will increase your internet speed and allow you to stream Netflix better. There is no way to connect your smartphone to a LAN cable. If you need to quickly resolve this issue, an external LAN adapter can be used.

Position your Wi-Fi router
Netflix Keeps Buffering? These Are Easy Fixes

Although it may seem childish, this method works. Your home’s Wi-Fi signal distribution is uneven. If your router is located in another room, it should be moved closer to the router. Your internet speed will be improved by removing any obstruction between your device (or the Wi-Fi modem). Although it won’t work miracles, you will see a faster internet speed.

Get in touch with your Internet Service Provider.

Finally, I recommend calling customer service if you still aren’t getting the internet speed your ISP promised, even after restarting your router. They will be able to restart your internet connection to increase your speed and get you back to the promised speeds. Sometimes the internet service goes down due to uncontrollable factors like bad weather or physical damage. You can either switch to another internet source, such as your mobile data or wait for your ISP’s resolution.

I prefer to have offline content available at all times. Smart download on Netflix allows you to automatically download your favorite TV shows for later viewing. You can find more information about these features in our detailed guide to Netflix tricks.

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Netflix allows you to change the quality of your video stream.

Netflix automatically chooses the best streaming video quality to speed up your internet connection. It only works if the streaming quality is set to Auto. If you have set the default streaming level to High, lower it to consume less internet bandwidth. If I have to compromise on quality, I’ll take a break from binge-watching whenever possible. It’s not that difficult to watch a show in HD, as you can avoid annoying buffering on Netflix. This is especially useful if you’re watching Netflix on your smartphone. It will save your data. This is how to manually adjust the Netflix streaming quality.

  • In a web browser, open the Netflix website. Click on “Account” by hovering over the profile icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Scroll down and click the Profile that you wish to modify the streaming quality.
  • Click on the playback settings button.
  • Select Medium or Low for lower video quality. You can also keep it on Auto if Netflix is your trusted provider.
  • To confirm your selection, click the Save button.

You have successfully modified the video streaming quality of your Netflix profile. This setting is unique to each Profile. Other profiles in your Netflix account can still use the streaming quality they have set.

Not all methods can be used to fix Netflix’s problems. Sometimes, however, the problem may be with your device. Let’s look at some ways to improve your device performance so you can stream better on Netflix.

Clear cache from your browser

Clearing your browser cache and data is a good idea if you are experiencing Netflix buffering issues. Clearing your browser cache and data is a great way to fix any problems, such as bad cache memory. This is how to clear browser cache and browser data.

Please note: Clearing your browser data will log you out of all your logged-in websites.

  • Open your web browser and press Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Shift+Command+Delete for Mac). It will open the option for clearing browsing data.
  • Go to Advanced and choose “All time” from the Time range section. All boxes are checked (except the Passwords option).
  • Click on “Clear data” last to clear all cached data.

Log in to Netflix once more and check if the site is still slow. If your browser is not working properly, you can try another browser. If the problem persists, you can update your browser.

Clear app data to fix Netflix buffering on Android

Clearing the app data may be a solution if you are experiencing buffering problems when streaming Netflix from your Android phone. Here’s how you can do it.

Please note: Clearing App Data will turn off Netflix from your phone. You will have to log in again.

  • Hold the Netflix app icon at the top of your screen. Tap on “App Info” from the context menu. App Info might not be visible in the context menu. It may be represented on your phone by an ‘i’ symbol.
  • Tap on “Storage” and then tap on “Clear Storage” (or Clear Data).

Reinstall Netflix on Your Device

Clearing app data is usually a good idea, but it’s possible Netflix buffers for you. You can’t delete any app data if you have an iPhone. It’s best to reinstall Netflix in such situations to fix the problem.

Netflix on Android: Uninstall and Reinstall
  • Press and hold the Netflix icon in the app drawer or on your home screen. Tap on “Uninstall” from the context menu.
  • To uninstall the app, tap the confirmation box and then click ‘Ok.
  • You can download Netflix ( free ) again from the Play Store. It should have fixed any problems.
Uninstall Netflix and Reinstall Netflix for iPhone
  • Hold the Netflix icon on the home screen or the App library button on your iPhone.
  • To uninstall Netflix, tap on ‘Remove App.’
  • You can download Netflix ( Free) from Apple’s App Store. It should fix any issues.

Restart your device

If you leave your device on for too long, it might not work properly. Device performance is affected when RAM becomes clogged with unnecessary information. Restarting your device is the best way to fix this problem. This will close any background apps and give your device a new start. Your smartphone can be restarted by holding down the power button for a long time and choosing the Restart/Power Off option. Select the Restart option from the Start Menu.

Close to Unnecessary Apps and Tabs

You don’t have to shut down other apps if you don’t need to restart your device or turn it off for any reason. This will give more RAM to Netflix. You might not be able to enjoy your favorite Netflix TV shows in peace if you have Photoshop or another heavy application running in the background. You can also close unnecessary tabs if you watch Netflix via a browser. This will allow more RAM for Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Netflix keeps buffering. Why?

Netflix buffering might occur for various reasons, including slow internet connections, buggy updates, and higher streaming quality than your device can handle. We have covered every solution to Netflix’s buffering issue in this article.

Netflix is slow on my smart TV.

Slow internet connections or an unstable update could be why your Netflix stream is slowing down on your smart TV. I recommend restarting the device and checking your internet speed to resolve the problem.

What is the best internet speed to stream Netflix?

Netflix recommends a minimum speed of 3 Mbps to stream uninterrupted video in Standard and High definition (SD) formats, 5 Mbps for HD (HD), and 25 Mbps connection for Ultra HD (UHD) 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) versions. If you download or view content on another device, the speed will be distributed.

Netflix without buffering issues

Netflix does not usually experience buffering issues, as long as your internet connection is fast and stable. However, we discuss the causes of Netflix buffering problems. We hope that one of these solutions has helped you eliminate Netflix buffering issues and allows you to watch your favorite Netflix TV shows without interruptions. We’d love to hear from you if there are any other suggestions.

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