Netflix HTP 998 Won’t Let Stream: 6 Ways To Fix It

Netflix HTP 998

Do you struggle to stream your favourite TV shows, but Netflix HTP 998 keeps getting in the way? Don’t worry. This detailed guide will help you get back to binging on your favourite show in no time. Continue reading to learn why this problem occurs and how you can fix it.

It would be an understatement to call Netflix a favourite streaming platform. The platform has been praised so highly that it is synonymous with entertainment for many people. Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide range of content. This may explain why so many people prefer it to other services.

It is no surprise that the streaming service has production houses for original series. Our favourite streaming service is not immune. This is evident in the Netflix HTP 998 error, which has been reported many times.

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What Does Code HTP-998 Mean on Netflix?

Netflix HTP 998 Won't Let Stream: 6 Ways To Fix It

The following message is often included with Netflix HTP 998:

“We are having difficulty accessing these titles right now. Please try again.”

This is usually a sign that your device is experiencing connectivity problems. Your streaming service is not able to connect. This error is more frequent when streaming from your phone than TV or computer.

These are the main reasons for the error:

  • Your mobile device is not connecting to the internet.
  • The mobile app has some issues. You can quickly resolve this by resetting your saved data.
  • Problems with your mobile phone. To fix distorted configurations, run a power cycle.

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How do I Fix Netflix HTP 998 Problem?

Netflix HTP 998 Won't Let Stream: 6 Ways To Fix It

We have some suggestions for how to fix Netflix HTTP 998.

Solution 1 – Restart Your Device

Restart your computer if you suspect your computer may be experiencing configuration problems.

  • For one minute, unplug the device.
  • Hold down on the power button for a few seconds to successfully discharge the device. If that is not possible, you may leave the device unplugged for three minutes.
  • Turn on your device by plugging it back in
  • You can access Netflix again.

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Solution 2 – Restart Your Home Network

First, turn off your modem and device for 30 seconds. After waiting for the required time:

  1. Switch on both devices.
  2. Pay close attention to the modem’s activity lights.
  3. Make sure that no new lights are on.
  4. Try to re-access Netflix.

Solution 3 – Improve your WiFi Signal

A slow internet connection could cause this error. These suggestions are for you if the above steps fail to work.

  • If your router is on the ground or at a low height, elevate it. It is important to place the router at an appropriate height to pick up signals more effectively.
  • Remove any other wireless devices that could be blocking the signals. These could include cordless phones and microwaves.

Solution 4 – Reinstall the Netflix App

Netflix HTP 998 Won't Let Stream: 6 Ways To Fix It

You can always reinstall your Netflix app.

  • Search for Netflix in your Play Store Apple Store.
  • Click the Uninstall button. Be aware that you will need to uninstall any movies or series you have downloaded onto your device.
  • Tap on Uninstall again to confirm
  • After that, click Install.
  • Once the app has been installed, click Open to open Netflix again. You can also visit our website.

Solution 5 – Clear the Netflix App Data

The fifth solution to the Netflix HTP 998 error message is to delete all data from your app. This will permanently delete any movies or TV shows you have downloaded to your device.

  • Navigate to Settings from your device’s home screen and click on General.
  • Select Apps, then click Manage Applications/App Manager. Manage all apps Names can vary from one device to the next.
  • Scroll down to discover Netflix
  • Choose Storage
  • Clear Data and Clear Storage are the options. Finally, click on OK.

Solution 6 – Check Your Time and Date Settings

Although it may seem trivial, this step can sometimes help to fix a Netflix error. These are the steps:

  • Navigate to rot Settings from the home screen of your mobile phone.
  • Tap System > Date and Time.
  • Make sure you are turning on “Use Network Provided Time.”
  • Make sure “Use Network Provided Time Zone” is on.
  • You can try again to access Netflix.

Netflix HTP 998 Error Despite Being Linked to the Internet

We’ve already mentioned that a bad internet connection could cause this error. However, what happens when Netflix claims your connection dropped, even though it hasn’t.

This may seem like a difficult situation, but we have some suggestions.

  • Click the Refresh Button: Occasionally, signals may be sporadic. This could indicate that your app is experiencing a problem with the connection. This issue usually resolves itself. If the page remains stuck, you might want to refresh it. Close the application and start it again.
  • Restart your Internet Connection: If the app isn’t working, you can restart the internet connection. This can be done by restarting your modem and router.
  • Disable the VPN. Netflix does not support VPNs. Your VPN may be on and causing an error message. Disable your VPN and connect to Netflix.
  • Contact your ISP: Although this is less common than the others, it could mean that your ISP has blocked Netflix. Some internet service providers block streaming services during peak hours. Your ISP can provide a diagnosis and help you understand why this error is occurring. Your ISP can fix this issue.


Netflix is a popular streaming app. It’s common to encounter errors while streaming. You should be able quickly and efficiently fix the Netflix HTP 998 error using the above methods.

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