Rotten Tomatoes Launched A Linear Streaming Channel

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Rotten Tomatoes, NBCU’s streaming channel, launches. It is currently available on The Roku Channel and will expand to Peacock and Comcast’s Xumo later.

Peacock will soon be home to some of the most popular Hulu programming. The streaming service’s parent companies Disney and Comcast have ended their agreement to stream NBCUniversal shows on Hulu.

According to Lisa Scalzo, spokesperson for NBCUniversal, “The Hulu agreement was ended.” The Verge reports that Lisa Scalzo confirmed this to The Verge.

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After airing on pay-TV, episodes of NBCUniversal-owned shows such as Saturday Night Live or The Voice will be shown on Peacock. Hulu won’t be paying for some of NBC’s most popular titles. This deal could allow Hulu to pursue original content.

It is possible that the change will take effect in September or October of the next broadcast season. Variety reports that the termination of NBCUniversal programming will not affect Hulu’s programming. The companies have agreements in place that will allow shows like Law & Order SVU or This Is Us to continue on Hulu for many more years.

The Wall Street Journal reported the imminent shift in programming from Hulu and Peacock.

This deal is a huge win for NBCUniversal’s Peacock, which relies heavily on its rights in major sporting events such as the Olympic Games or the Super Bowl LVI in order to attract subscribers. Peacock’s original programming has not made as much impact (short of Yellowstone).

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Peacock could attract and retain subscribers in a highly competitive streaming market by adding popular shows to its programming list.

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