Nano Machine Chapter 115: What will Elder Moon Do? Release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 115: What will Elder Moon Do? Release Date

It is believed that the Nano Machine Chapter 115 will reveal the secret message 3rd elder Buchol Ryong gave the Elder Moon. The manhwa story is moving towards a resurgence under the guidance of the Crown Prince. There are numerous negative things happening in Cheon Yeo-Woon’s sect. Cheon has made a decision to cleanse his sect of all evildoing by dissolving the supreme Lord in his sect. Cheon is using each clan as a bait to climb to new heights and take on other kingdoms. Thus, the battle to the clans to play a game is underway! Here’s everything you must be aware of what’s to come in the next installment.

Manhwa fans can anticipate an element of action in the next manhwa’s chapter. The Crown Prince’s meeting with Elder Moon has already been ruined by an interruption. The Crown Prince is extremely pissed off by the inconsiderate behavior of the elders of the third and fourth. Furthermore, the motives of the elders of the third and fourth are suspect, since they implied that they were sending a message they relayed the Elder Moon. The chapter that is to come will provide the context. Let’s look at theories and speculations about the next section of manhwa.

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Nano Machine Chapter 115: Will Elder Moon Conclude a Parley with Prince Crown Prince?

It is expected that the Nano Machine chapter 115 will be a battleground for the ideas of the people. It was not present at the last chapter in the Manhwa. Everyone was in agreement to the view of the Prince. However the fourth and third elder’s entrance has complicated the story. The elders have signed an arrangement to Elder Moon, which is unnoticed by everyone. In fact, Dragon Clan prime Elder Moon himself is not aware of the deal. Furthermore, it is likely to be in opposition with the Crown prince’s plan.

The Crown Prince did appear to be impressed by the conduct of the elders. But, if they decide to interfere with the work that the crown prince is entrusted with they could be required to pay for their involvement in Cheon Yeo-woo’s plan to be the Lord of the Universe. Cheon Yeo-woo has already carried out his strategy, and it could fail in the event that he fails to take Elder Moon on his side. The upcoming chapter has the highest chance of a battle.

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What happened in Chapter 114?

The 112th chapter of the manhwa’s manhwa began with the crown prince’s gathering with the chiefs of other clans. He was critical of the policies of the Supreme Lord , and then decided to revolt against the Supreme Lord. He walked up and asked if anyone at the room would be willing to assist him in his quest to remove the Supreme Lord. The entire room rose to support the crown prince. The Crown Prince makes the decision to sway the balance of clans as the Supreme Lord is managing every clan. The Crown Prince was sent to Dragon Clan for parley and also sent other clans to different clans.

The Crown Prince travelled to his mansion of Dragon Clan to meet its chief, Elder Moon. Elder Moon helped the Crown Prince with respect in his hospitality , and even asked why he was there. But, the Fourth and Third Elders appeared from the midst of the discussion. They disrupted the meeting and asked Moon to keep in mind their agreement. The agreement, however, remains secret from all.

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Nano Machine Chapter 115 The Release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 115 Nano Machine Chapter 115 will appear before manhwa fan base on the 20th of July in 2022. Fans will be able see all the chapters of the upcoming chapter on the official sites on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. The beginning of a new rebel era gives fans hope to take on the supreme Lord. Today is the last day! Keep checking back at The Anime Daily to check out new articles about the newest chapters and episodes!

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