My senpai’s voice sounds too soft

The literature club senpai Fuji


He has a very soft voice

Although i joined the club when I was first a member, i

I tried very hard to hear senpai’s voice

That’s a lot louder than you can say.

I didn’t say anything to senpai’s

An expressionless face emits a certain charm

I didn’t want her to feel any pressure

Much more

Did you know that the critical it came from

Mobile rpg Final Fantasy 14 as a Free


Is that expansion?

I understand, so that’s what one year looked like


To clarify, senpai used ambiguous dialogs with i


Please go out with me very well

But this awkward conversation is not recommended.

Coming to an End

I can have a hearing aid for as long as I have it

I can hear senpai clearly

Today’s senpai-friendly weather

uh i guess so i heard her


Oh, wait! Why are you calling me?

Darling, what are you saying?

Half a year ago, the school wasn’t there.

I confess to you

I like the person who is willing to listen to me

Please go with me to the mall

Very good, so that’s it.

Unless you are saying that you want to break


Ah, that’s not a breakup!

I was able to get a very cute hearing aid.


mako samishima, my name is mako.


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