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According to an upcoming Marvel Studios leak, the most savage Marvel film is set to get another sequel.

Eternals The lowest-rated Marvel film in the eyes of reviewers and fans – even though it is not listed in our Marvel films listed in order guide – might be re-released according to the moderators of the Marvel Studios Spoilers Reddit page.

According to a teaser in the newly released story From the Mod Queue thread(opens in a new tab), Eternals 2 “is on track” at Marvel Studios, though there’s no word on how long on the production timeline it could be. It also implies that Chloe Zhao, who directed the first Eternals film, might not be returning for the sequel. But, if Zhao decides to sign on for Eternals 2, she could be “heavily restricted” by Marvel’s brain trust, which includes people like Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito, co-president of the company.

The post also includes unconfirmed information about how production issues hindered the creation of the film. Marvel employees are believed to be worried about the possibility of a similar situation that could occur in the event that Eternals 2 is officially greenlit. However, it may be just speculation.

In actual fact, Marvel Studios Spoilers’ moderation team suggests that Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fanatics must take every Eternals 2 information with a huge pinch of salt. However, the Reddit mods of the page state that the information comes from trustworthy and reliable sources. In essence, users can decide for themselves whether some (or any) of these are real or not. We’ve reached out to Disney to get an official statement on the rumor and will revise this article when we get a reply.

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Eternals came out in theaters in November 2021. However, it is now the lowest-rated MCU film so far. The Marvel Phase 4 project has a 47percent “rotten” rating on review site Rotten Tomatoes, putting it very last on Rotten Tomatoes’ own MCU film rankings. In addition, Eternals has an audience rating of 6.3 out of 10 on – only Ms. Marvel, the most recent Marvel Disney Plus show, has a lower IMDB rating (6.2) than Eternals among the MCU’s many television and movie options. It’s not including Sony’s Marvel productions, like Morbius or Venom.

In the review we wrote, we stated that Eternals was a “better film than some critics have suggested” and added a “worthy MCU entry that provides a thought-provoking meditation on what it means to be human, albeit one wrapped up in superhero clothing.” Many fans didn’t agree with us. However, we believe that there is other Marvel film to have inferior films within the MCU as Eternals. Check out our top Marvel films ranking review to learn the ones we gave fewer marks than Eternals.

Analysis: do Eternals deserve another chance?

Do the Eternals merit a second chance within the MCU?

Full spoilers will follow for Eternals. You’ve been warned.

We believe so. We’re not sure, but as we pointed out in our review, there are some significant issues with Eternals. The narrative runs through it when the film’s biggest surprise is revealed, and its abrupt jump cuts, to mention two, make for a jumbled and disjointed experience.

These criticisms have become more apparent with every passing MCU television and film and another project, not even mentioning possible developments surrounding the creation of the new Celestial Tiamut Tiamut that is a part of the core of Earth. The fact that deceased, marble-colored massive Tiamat can be seen through the Indian Ocean. The revelation that certain Eternals were abducted by another Celestial in Arishem and could have been seen by all humans on Earth due to his size before he went off with his abductees.

For a film based on some most difficult to-navigate Marvel comics in the history of the universe, the film made as great an effort as it could at bringing the Eternals complex comic books to cinephiles and MCU enthusiasts alike.

The short look at celestials’ MCU history teased more about the mysterious and cosmic beings that played a role in the creation of the universe and their sinister scheme to do so. The debut of the MCU’s first deaf and gay superheroes made a significant contribution to diversity and representation in the world’s most popular cinematic franchise. Zhao’s cinematography and his sharp director’s eye made this among the top striking Marvel films ever created. While the post-credits sequences were leaked in a disappointing manner prior to the release of the film but they were just as popular as the similar ending credits sequences we’ve seen in the MCU.

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There was plenty to love about Eternals. Based on those post-credits sequences, Marvel isn’t done with the characters who played a part in the film – either as leads or minor roles in the film. Perhaps the studio feels that it has a duty to the Eternals to bring out another film and demonstrate how crucial they are in the MCU. It would be a retribution tale suitable for Tony Stark/ Iron Man, The Winter Soldier, and Loki should it happen.

If one of the Eternals sequels is in the process of being developed and is announced, it will be during Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday, July 23 at 10:30 am PT / 3:00 pm ET / 6:30 pm BST / 11:00 pm IST. We believe it will be one of the company’s Phase 5 plans and not be a Phase 4 entry.

However, many MCU films are scheduled to release prior to a possible Eternals 2. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the next Marvel film to hit theaters in November. However, she-Hulk: Attorney at Law will be available at Disney Plus in August.

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