Marriage Alliance For Revenge Spoilers

Marriage Alliance For Revenge Spillers

Olivia, the Empress Rhone Empire’s, was murdered by her husband. After that, she was allowed to live in the body and health of an unidentified woman living in a slum.

Olivia was then able to meet her ex fiance, who was the heir to the throne. She kept her true identity secret from him. She suggested that they form an alliance marriage to get their revenge. Will they be able to exact their revenge without any difficulties?

Another marriage contract alliance goes wrong. Both of them fall in love with each other.

Marriage Alliance For Revenge Spoilers

Spoilers: It doesn’t matter which seed it is. Most importantly, your place in your womb is available.” He lost his own life to poison administered by his husband, who was the emperor.

And he also lost the life and health of the baby in his womb due to the sword he used. “If you mar me, I will locate the emperor.” She offered a marriage alliance to revenge her. 16 years ago, to her fiancĂ©, whom she cowardly ignored because she was young.

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