11+ Manga Where MC is Reincarnated as a Child!

11+ Manga Where MC is Reincarnated as a Child!

When it comes to fictional manga, there’s a handful of manga that you cannot ignore : their stories that deal with Reincarnation and characters that get another chance are amazing. I’m betting you’d do anything to become an affluent or powerful person would you?

However, I can tell that manga that employs this kind of plot is always fascinating, and I’ve read a lot of them. For those who want to get into this there’s a quick guide to aid you in answering your question of “where should I begin?”

To make it easier for you, the manga listed on this list are evaluated using various standards, so you’ll can better understand what you can expect from each one of them.

I’ve been saying too many things hasn’t I? Lol. Okay, let’s get with it now.

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Isekai Manga With A Child MC Recommendations

12. Accidentally summoned (Oops I’m sorry!)

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

The main character in this manga was reincarnated in a fantastical Japanese world where everyone is unable to say Japanese correctly. Isn’t that somewhat of a problem? For instance, how could you live in the Japanese society and yet not know how to speak Japanese correctly? It’s true! it works!

What’s more? The MC is simply super-powered. With his ability to speak Japanese and his divine mana-generating capacity his life was more easy. Of course there were enemies that would try to attack his reputation, but he beat them off without tension or force.

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11. Yakuza Reincarnation

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

When he was a young punk, Ryu and his gang thought they would be able to take on the aging Yakuza boss, but it wasn’t the case. In the end, a battle with the Yakuza boss ended with serious injuries for him however, just like he imagined that he’d reached an end to his journey. He imagined himself in a different universe entirely, one which needs heroes. Could Ryu be the hero prophesied to be?

10. The Reincarnated Vampire

You’re Looking For An Afternoon Nap

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

In the case of a girl or boy How would you feel If you were offered the chance to reincarnate in the opposite gender? It’s going to be exciting, isn’t it? I’d give anything to be reincarnated as the girl I was, so I could even lead a life of a big girl. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Don’t be afraid the fact that the title of the manga is basically an exaggeration (and amusing when you say it…lol). It seems like this manga is talking to people. The main character, in her own way, is pretty laid back, with an uninteresting life style, with no other ambition than to lay on her the bed for all day. It could be a reflection of the person you’re with or know. Perhaps it’ll make for an interesting bedtime tale. Hahaha!

9. Is this the 8th son? Are You Really Kidding Me?

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

The manga tells the story of a normal Japanese salaryman who goes by the name of Shingo Ichinomiya. His life turns upside down when he is asleep and awakes inside the form of a small child.

The major difference between his previous existence and his present is due to being a part of the world where he is able to live in an enchanting world in the form of Wendelin Benno Baumeister the family’s royal Baumeister’s eighth son.

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8. The Prince Reincarnated Wants To Relax

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

The MC came to this world to be reincarnated as Phil Graceheart, the last child of an aristocratic family. In the case of Phil who was reborn as a royal, and with an ambition to live a relaxed and relaxed lifestyle, what would you do? You’re sure to have plenty, right? We’d love to hear about it in the comment box below. We’d love to know more about it.

7. The Ascendance of a Bookworm

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

This one is for the bookworms. It’s kind of sad to watch our bookworm character. Urano Motosu is smashed by her bookshelf which is her most valuable item around the globe. It’s quite sad I know, but what do you think? Let’s not cry. Why?

This is because, following the death of her mother, God gave her another chance to live a second time and be born again as a 5 year old child with a great passion for reading. However, upon her arrival to the world of the future she was struck by three things that afflicted her most: the high number of those who aren’t able to understand, her family’s poor position, and the astronomical cost of books in cities.

6. A Observation Log of My Girlfriend who Calls herself A Villain

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

The manga is regarded as one of the top Isekai manga that is available that people are always looking forward to more chapters that will be published. Is this manga worth all the fuss? Let me provide a brief overview of how entertaining this manga can be.

One thing to remember is the character was reincarnated to play the “otome game” she played in the world of humans. In the game, she’s born as the main character. In her quest to ensure that things don’t happen with Prince Cecil and the heroine he loves, we are able to see something happen to her as well. Did you think I’d let you know this? You know, to make it more fun? No, most definitely not. Take the time to read it, you little one.

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5. By the Will Of The Gods

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

Contrary to the majority of Isekai manga that feature an powerful MC the one in this manga is very fascinating. It doesn’t have the “MC is able to destroy every thing” impression that often can make OP manga boring. It is the story of one man who passed away and was reborn as a child in a world of magic (this manga makes me want to also be reborn into Wonderland or another wonderful world).

It’s an original manga with a plot, art characters, plot, and many other aspects are distinctive. There’s never an idle moment in the manga since even the MC is the most exciting character, with a sole goal to be a good person. This could even prove how much more there is to living than just being an obnoxious boy who breaks the rules.

4. Isekai Yakkyoku

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

The main character in this manga was transformed into a mystical Japanese world where everybody can’t say Japanese correctly. Isn’t that an issue? For instance, how could you live in the Japanese globe and still not say Japanese correctly? It’s true! it works!

What’s more? The MC is super-powered. With his ability to speak Japanese and his divine mana power his life has become significantly more easy. Naturally there would be enemies who wanted to attack him, but he beat them off without tension or force.

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3. Youjo Senki: Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

The story is set in an alternate reality 10 years following World War 1, this Japanese manga tells the story of Tanya Degurechaff’s story and how she earned the nicknameof “Devil of Rhine”. The truth that isn’t known is it is that Tanya may be the incarnation of an individual who had been a god’s opponent in an intellectual battle.

Prepare yourself for an incredible account of Tanya’s climb through the ranks of the military and, as a result, growing stronger mentally and physically.

2. Everyday Soldiers Dream Of The Past

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

This is an amazing work of art absolutely mind-blowing, and intriguing. It’s not to toot the manga’s the horns, but it is definitely an improvement over other manga which talk of Reincarnation and characters getting the chance to try again.

Here, the authors have employed a perfect mix with Shonen, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Magic, Supernatural time travel, and Reincarnation to describe the life of a soldier named John Celias. He travels back to an infant’s body and gets the chance to save his home town from destruction.

1. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Child MCCharacter WritingPlot/StorylineArtTotal

The manga version of the Mushoku Tensei series. The story tells of an otaku aged 34 who was crushed by an automobile. A few minutes later, he was transformed into the form of an infant into a different realm, one filled with myths, magic, and swords.

In the new world, he adopts the name as Rudeus Greyrat. And, shockingly his memories from his previous life are preserved. Follow Rudeus through his journey from growing up to adulthood, his adventures, struggles, and the dangers of a new world.


Well, well there you have it. A comprehensive listing of 12 top manga choices of all time. Japanese manga. The manga is about characters who are reborn or reincarnated in their childhood, giving them a second chance at life. It’s no doubt that it was a fast read. I’m betting you’ve went through the entire thing.

Remember that we’re hoping to hear at least one or two remarks, suggestions, comments as well as suggestions. So, you can always use the comment form below to make that comment and allow your voice and opinions to be heard.


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