Making Payments Disbursements | Easy Guide

Making Payments Disbursements

Management of expenses involves more than just cutting costs. It is possible to make significant changes in the way you pay.

Pinnacle provides services and support to help you optimize your money use and monitor your cash flow. Pinnacle’s treasury services can help you manage your cash, protect yourself from fraud, and control operating costs, payroll, vendor payments, or taxes. We do it all using the latest technology and local support. Here’s how.


Electronic payments (ACH)

  • Pay your vendors, employees, and taxes electronically to reduce expenses and make reconciliations easier. ACH can be used to pay bills, direct deposits, and other purposes.

Wire Transfers

  • Pinnacle can assist with wire transfers to and from your business domestically and internationally. These can be used to quickly transfer large amounts between banks. They can also be used on a regular basis.

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Accounts payable Automation

  • AP teams often rely heavily on manual processes, which can lead to inefficiency and higher expenses. Pinnacle’s payables software simplifies AP processes and transforms workflows into a digital, organized program that allows for payment execution from every end.
  • Positive Pay is a good option if you have to use a check. Positive Pay allows for automated daily reconciliations and additional protection against fraud by creating digital copies of each check. These digital copies are kept on file. They can be used to reconcile your account or verify any check that has been submitted against your account.
  • Direct deposit makes it easy to manage payday. Direct deposit allows you to manage the entire payroll from one place instead of having multiple checks. You can let someone else manage the entire process to concentrate on your business.


  • Online Banking allows you to pay almost anyone that you’d normally pay by check. Online Banking is often quicker and allows you to have more control over the creation, approval, and review of payments.

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