MacBook Air Blank Screen After Login? Easy Solution

MacBook Air Blank Screen After Login

Are you experiencing issues with the display on your MacBook Air Blank Screen After Login? Does your screen remain blank and doesn’t display the desktop properly?

Do you think your computer is dying and you’ll need to purchase an entirely new one? Don’t worry! We’ve created this helpful small guide to examine the best way to resolve this issue fast.

MacBook Air is a reliable machine. It is very rare to be faced with a problem that blocks that it can’t load the computer. It is possible to pay an enormous amount of money to fix an issue that could be resolved using simple and simple to follow DIY techniques.

The blank screen is easy to fix in the event that the issue is related to your Mac software. However, if the issue is related to hardware, you may be able to take the MacBook Air to an Apple-authorized repair shop.

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What’s the MacBook Air Blank Screen After Login Error?

MacBook Air Blank Screen After Login? Easy Solution

Certain users of MacBook Air experience a blank screen after typing the username or password. The cursor can be moved around, and then access the power menu for force quit by pressing the power button. But they’re stuck afterwards.

What are the causes of MacBook Air Blank Screen After Login?

If you have a blank screen, the MacBook Air is basically inoperable. There are several reasons for this problem.

  • Update Mac OS to a new version
  • Incompatible or corrupted driver
  • Mac Apps failing to upgrade
  • The disk space has reached its maximum capacity to allow the OS to run efficiently
  • Affected MacBook Air operating system
  • PRAM stores incompatible system settings

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How to Fix the MacBook Air Blank Screen After Login Error?

MacBook Air Blank Screen After Login? Easy Solution

Let’s take a brief look at some of the fixes that will bring the MacBook Air working again.

Check for Brightness

The first thing to do is test the MacBook Air’s brightness, which can get accidentally disturbed. You can alter or increase the brightness and then check if it can help in bringing up the desktop after logging in.

Up Disk Space Up Disk Space

You can test a straightforward method to clear the disk space to ensure you can ensure that the Mac operating system runs smoothly. This could help to prevent and repair the blank screen after you log in. You can:

  • Remove any files you no longer require and then move them to the trash
  • Take your trash out
  • Transfer your music, videos as well as other files onto external storage devices or to the cloud service iCloud
  • Make sure you compress your files

Once you have cleared the disk space, reboot your MacBook Air and see if you can eliminate the blank screen issue.

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Reboot in Safe Mode

MacBook Air Blank Screen After Login? Easy Solution

The first thing to do is to boot the MacBook Air using safe mode so that it can boot Mac OS with the minimum driver. This procedure also cleans caches in your computer that may create the error. For this, follow these steps:

  • Press the Power button and hold it down while pressing the Shift key.
  • Hold pressing the Shift button on your MacBook Air at the point that the Apple logo appears.
  • When the safe mode has been activated, You’ll see the”Safe boot” in red “Safe boot” on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Check that the desktop is loaded in safe mode.
  • Start the MacBook Air in normal mode.
  • Check that the desktop is loaded following login in normal mode.

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Perform a PRAM/NVRAM Reset

PRAM stores the memory of certain settings, even during the time the MacBook Air is turned off. If the safe boot does not resolve the blank screen issue, you can reset the PRAM/NVRAM to erase the settings for volume, audio selection for startup disks, time zone and more. It is possible to reset the Mac PRAM by doing the following:

  • Press Command+option+P+R to switch on your MacBook Air
  • Continue to hold the keys for a few seconds until the MacBook Air is restarted.
  • Take your keys off as you hear the Apple sound.
  • Check that you are able to see your desktop after logging in.

Reset SMC for a quick blank Screen After Login

SMC is a short form for the system management controller. Try to reset it to see if this simple fix will fix the blank screen issue.

  • Turn off your MacBook Air
  • Unplug and then reconnect the power cable
  • Use the Shift+Control+Option combination and the power button simultaneously.
  • Release all keys simultaneously
  • You will see the illumination on the cable flashing, which indicates that you have reset your SMC
  • Make sure you reboot the MacBook Air to verify the fix.

Run Disk Utility

You can identify the problem which is causing the blank screen using Disk Utility. This feature is able to solve a variety of MacBook Air problems. How to do it:

  • Press Command+R+P keys in order to reboot your MacBook Air
  • Release the keys once the Apple logo appears.
  • In your OS X utilities, select Disk Utility
  • Select the default disk for that Mac OS is installed.
  • Select First Aid to run the Disk Utility process
  • Restart your MacBook Air and verify that you can see the desktop after logging in.

Reinstall macOS on Your MacBook Air

If Disk Utility fails to solve the blank screen issue, You can try installing a brand updated Mac OS over the internet. The following steps are to accomplish this.

  • Switch on Your MacBook Air while holding down the Command+R+P keys.
  • If the Apple logo appears When the Apple logo appears, you must remove all keys
  • Within macOS utilities, choose Reinstall macOS.
  • Continue to begin the installation process.
  • Check that the new OS installation resolves the issue of blank screens after logging in.


It should be possible to repair the blank screen following the log in issue is fixed on the MacBook Air with the solutions discussed above to make it work as if it was a brand new device. Have fun!

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