Best Louisiana Grants For Small Business

louisiana grants for small business

Google will show you several pages of sites if you search for business grants. The majority of sites either look fake or are part of the complex government (Small Business Administration), and all will need your financial information.

But that’s not what WomensNet is offering. WomensNet can help you get loans, grants, and other funding for your venture. Still, it will take hard work and dedication. You’ll find our website very helpful if you want to grow your business.

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You can start with our Amber Grant. This is our monthly $10,000 grant. The grant is available to Louisiana businesswomen and anyone else in the United States. Our judges pick one winner each month in the end. The 12 winners of each month are eligible to be the year’s end recipient of our largest grant, $25,000. In other words, a few moments now could mean the difference between life-changing funds and a thriving business.

After you apply for the grant, take a moment to explore the resources below. Louisiana has people waiting to help women entrepreneurs just like you.

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