Lost Ark Pull It Together Location

Lost Ark Pull It Together Location

She Drifts The Sea Gifts is among the many daily quests that you can complete while within Lost Ark. This guide will help you in completing the quest as well as give you the details about its advantages.

How to Complete She Drifts, Sea Gifts Quest in Lost Ark

She Drifts the Sea Gifts is a very simple and satisfying daily quest in Lost Ark. It’s significant as it is required to be done by players looking to gain access to The Astray Ship. If you continue to read through the last part of the manual, you’ll find out how to locate the ship.

It’s a daily challenge that you must complete for a period of 25 days. After completion, you’ll be awarded a reward that includes an outline of the Astray Ship. To finish your quest successfully, you’ll have to complete either the Sailing Co-Op task Yarn or Arthritine.


To determine the exact location of the spawning site, simply click the timer icon that is located at the top left and then turn to turn the Cogwheel. Navigate to Sailing and you’ll find the locations for spawning during the race.

After the event has been underway, and the event is about to begin you need to press 3 times the key Q. This will take the treasure and sink it to the sea using the crane that is on the boat. Three times pressing Q makes the quest finished, however, you’ll be able to continue forward to get additional rewards.

The rewards you get when you complete the quest are both normal and exclusive at the same time. The pirate coins will be distributed after the completion of the quest. the amount of these coins is contingent on the level of your fame. The reward for the highest rank is 29K pirate coins as well as an outline of Astray Ship.

You must provide an outline in return for the purchase of $300K pirate currency to buy the ship.

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