Lost Ark Cant See Party Members

Lost Ark Cant See Party Members

The excitement of embarking on a journey with your fellow players is among the most enjoyable experiences when playing MMOs. Lost Ark undoubtedly feels better when you have a group of friends by your side. But it’s true that the Friends system isn’t as simple as one would imagine.

As a result, users often experience strange glitches and bugs that ought to not exist in the first place. But, it is often because of a logic error on your part. One of the best examples is that you are unable to see your player in-game.

You cannot connect with your friends because you’re currently with the wrong channel. Switch to the channel the friend is on, and you’ll be able see the person you’re looking for.

However, there are more than just channel switching. It is important to note that the Multiplayer realm of Lost Ark is segmented into smaller pieces. It is therefore worth looking into ways in which you can use the Friends Multiplayer system works in Lost Ark.

Learn do you Play Lost Ark With Your Friends

In keeping with staying true to the MMO style, Lost Ark gives you the ability to access the Friends menu. Just press the U key on the keyboard and it will access the Friends menu. Invite your friends to join you by inviting them into the celebration. But, there are couple of prerequisites that you must meet before you are able to play the game.

Match Your Channels

There are occasions when you and your companions are placed on different channels. If your friend’s name is blacked out even though he is visible on the minimap, it is time to change your channels. If you are on the identical channels, it will become possible for you to game.

Here’s how to find your channels on Lost Ark:

  • Go to the top-right edge of the screen, and select the Channel Box.
  • Within the box for channels Scroll down until you discover the channel you want. We suggest choosing one with an orange dot.
  • Invite others to sign up on the channel. Simply restart your game, and then you’re ready to go!

You can play on the Same Server

You should first ensure that you and your companions have the same account on the server. It is impossible to check when your servers are different. However, Lost Ark does not provide the ability to switch servers. It is possible to create several characters and each one can be on a different server.

So, choose one server from the list and invite your colleagues to join too. A numerical format in the form of Ms will be displayed with every server. Be sure to join a server that has the lowest latency.

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