League of Legends: Best Beginners Guide

League of Legends: Best Beginners Guide

Welcome to this edition of our gaming guide series! In this week’s article, we will discuss
League of Legends, specifically how to start the game with the best chances of success. Since
the release of Arcane, the game has seen an influx of players, as well as reigniting the flame for
many former players.

So, since there are so many new players on the scene, we’re sure some
of you could benefit from a helping hand, which is why we’re here to explore the ins and outs of
LoL and how to best begin your adventures in-game. If, however, you prefer to know where you
stand from the get-go, why not purchase LoL Smurf accounts here? So now, without further
delay, let’s get into what we need to know!

Where Do I Start?

This is, of course, one of the more difficult decisions; where do you start? League of Legends
offers players many different roles to take on, each providing a different experience. We’re here
to break down your options to offer you the best insight into the game.

Which Role?

This is a difficult question, as it really depends on your preference, so to give yourself the best
knowledge of all of the options presented to you, we recommend trying and testing them out.
Doing so will allow you to not only see what’s on offer but allow you to navigate through the
game yourself and truly experience all of the roles.
Players can take three lanes in the jungle; these lanes will determine the position a user plays.

Top Lane

Tank/Bruiser: The Tank, sometimes referred to as the Bruiser, is your team’s first line of
defense. Playing in this role means you will be a strong character, tasked with defending your
team by taking hits. Your main priority is to distract the opposing team so your fellow members
can infiltrate the battlefield and take down the enemy.


Jungler: As a Jungler, this role spends most of its time between lanes taking advantage of the
possible gold and XP. Building your supply of both will eventually allow you to begin ganking.
Additionally, this role is tasked with informing their team of the ongoings of the lanes and
keeping an eye on the Dragon and the Baron. Essentially in this role, you are the eyes and ears
of your team.

Mid Lane

APC (Ability-Power Carry): This role can often leave you most vulnerable, as the center of the
map is often the heart of the action. Though you have the advantage of overseeing a lot of the
map, just like ADC, you will be relied upon to deal large amounts of damage to the opposing
team. Often the character taking on this role will be ranged, though this could vary depending on
the character selection.

Bot Lane

ADC (Attack Damage Carry):This role is usually the team member that’s dishing out hefty
damage to the enemy team. Your main goal while playing this role is to take down the opposing
team’s ADC. Unfortunately, the incredible power of this role is somewhat dimmed by the lack of
defense and low health.

Support: Your main objective, should you choose this role, is to provide assistance to the ADC.
For example, offering them insight into the enemies to take them down or protect them using the
abilities of this role. Additionally, through the use of trinkets and wards, you will offer the team
insight into enemy locations.

Though we have taken a brief look at the roles, we still highly recommend trying them out for
yourself to give yourself an authentic feel of what is suitable for you.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many players face challenges in their gaming endeavors; it’s something we’ve all been through.
Luckily, League of Legends offers players a practice tool.

Take full advantage of this option, many users do not, and it could be highly beneficial. This tool
allows players to put their skills to the test in a game free of other players. You can practice
moves, strategies, and more in this mode, even being able to spawn practice target opponents
to perfect your attacks.

Cancel Out The Unneeded

Like many other games, the chat in LoL can be an excellent method of communicating with your
team and carrying out strategic moves. However, it can also be a player’s downfall; this is
because it can sometimes be hectic and unruly. So, we recommend muting the chat, as no one
needs to listen to everyone screaming over one another. These distractions may seem minor
but can prove to be rather impactful on how your match ends. Using the “mute all” button could
get you a win should you find yourself overwhelmed by the noise.

Know Your Lingo

Text speak works its way into all of our lives, and League of Legends is no exception. So, when
you begin your LoL journey, ensure you’re well versed in any slang used in the game. Though
this may seem excessive, speed can be essential in a match and the difference between a win
and ultimate defeat. So ensure you know what all abbreviations mean if you want to have the
best chances.

Thank You For Coming!

We want to thank our readers for selecting us to see them through their gaming endeavors; we
sincerely hope you found all you need in our guide. Please come back next week to ensure
you’re well-informed about all that goes on in the gaming community!

Chris Evan was born in Dubai and raised in Montreal. He studied Computer Science and was so pleased with computer languages. He began writing after obsessing over technology.

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