Kriya Acquires Redpin Therapeutics

Kriya Acquires Redpin Therapeutics

Kriya, an Redwood City, CA, and Research Triangle Park, NC-based company that offers gene therapy, bought Redpin Therapeutics, a New York-based biotechnology firm.

The price of the deal wasn’t revealed.

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Kriya Acquires Redpin Therapeutics

The acquisition is the basis for Kriya’s neurology therapeutic areas, including two leading gene therapy programs focusing on trigeminal neuralgia and epilepsy (TN).

CEO Dr. Elma Hawkins leads the CEO of Redpin Therapeutics, a preclinical gene therapy company developing an innovative chemogenetics system that is specialized that targets targeted therapies for cells for the treatment of chronic diseases in the brain central nervous systems. The company’s technology uses gene therapy to create created ion channels sensitive to modulation by varenicline, an FDA-approved anti-smoking drug to either block specific active neurons or activate underactive ones.

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Redpin has an exclusive worldwide license from Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Howard Hughes Medical Institute for the use of therapeutics with this technology. Investors include 4BIO Capital, Arkin Bio Ventures, Takeda Ventures Inc, New York Ventures, and Alexandria Venture Investments.

Directed By Shankar Ramaswamy, M.D., the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Kriya is an integrated business offering therapeutics and gene therapy technologies. It is working to develop a comprehensive pipeline of novel gene therapies across multiple therapeutic areas, including ongoing pipeline programs in neurology, metabolic disorders, and the field of ophthalmology. Kriya is supported by life sciences and technology investors and operates with its core activities within Silicon Valley, California, and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

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