DONDA2 Kanye West’s official sequel of his tenth studio album Donda. It was released August 20, 2121. The album will be Kanye’s first independent release. Kanye revealed that he was leaving Def Jam.

The rumours about Ye’s album’s existence started on January 3, 2022 when Steven Victor reported Ye had said he was working on it.

Kanye announced the album’s release date as February 22, 2022, and said that Future would play the executive producer role.

Ye later shared a section of a Bustle article explaining the date’s significance.

The stars indicate that the United States will finally undergo a spiritual transformation when it hosts its first-ever Pluto Return, which is scheduled for February 2022. Astrologically, a Pluto return is when the heavenly body returns to the same spot on a birth chart that it was at its beginning.

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It was revealed on February 7, 2022 that Ye hosted an album listening party at Nobu Los Angeles with notable artists such as Drake and Travis Scott.

Ye wrote to Instagram on February 12, 2022 to ask that Kid Cudi not be included in a feature of the album because of his friendship with Pete Davidson (Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend). Ye announced later that he would host a listening party for the album at LoanDepot Park, Miami.

Ye shared on Instagram, February 17, 2022 that the album would not be accessible on major streaming sites, but would only be available to the Stem Player platform. Ye co-founded the Stem Player platform with KANO. The deluxe version was unavailable before it was made on major streaming sites.

Ye uploaded the official tracklist of the album the next day. It contained 22 songs. To close, he captioned the post with lyrics from 2007’s album “Good Life”, “Like We Always Do At This Time”, and “City of Gods”.

Ye hosted the DONDA EXPERIENCE in Miami on February 22nd. The first half featured most songs confirmed to be on the album. Jack Harlow, Soulja Boy, and the late XXXTentacion were featured on the show. Half the tracks were incomplete, with some songs being dropped or lyrics that weren’t understood.

On February 23, Ye’s Stem Player had only four tracks. These were “Security,” Pablo,” Broken Road,” and We Did It Kids.

Pid piper on Instagram

Pit Viper, a Sunglasses manufacturer, is under fire for an Instagram photo they posted on Easter Sunday.

The expression “Pit Viper Easter setup, and Easter Comment” challenges Jesus Christ and children about Easter. Many believed that disclosing the name of the sunniest company was an attempt to retaliate against the Pit Viper Easter post. Many people believe that the Instagram account of this manufacturer was stolen.

Social media mocked the “Pit Viper Easter comment” or Pit Viper Easter posting. Most people believe their Instagram account was hacked. The hacker posted the controversial post and comment by pit Viper.

Pit Viper is a well-known sunglass brand that has 667K Instagram followers. Social media users have expressed anger at the sunglass store’s “Pit Viper Easter” posts.

Many clients voiced their dissatisfaction with the company and asked that others boycott it. Twitter trending #breakthepits (a way to show support for Pit Viper span)

Pit Viper’s actions on Easter Sunday are causing some human beings to be harassed. This provoked many emotions. You can find the entire story behind The Pit Viper Sunglasses Easter Sunday Instagram post here.

Pit Viper Easter Photo: What Did Pit Viper Post on Instagram?

According to reports, a picture of shades was uploaded to Pit Viper Sunglasses’ Instagram account on Easter Sunday. The caption contained a question mark as well as a caption.

This explanation explains the meaning of Black American Flag. It’s here!

It is difficult to communicate the whole caption in this space. It was a popular and long paragraph that was not careful about Jesus and Easter.

Many people who read this statement, Pit Viper sunglasses became inspired by Jesus Christ and excited about Easter.

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We cannot publish the Instagram message because of its nature. It was deleted from their Instagram account shortly after it was uploaded. Others have also taken screenshots and shared them via social media and TikTok.

Let’s suppose you are curious about Pit Viper’s Easter post. Pit Viper was used for the deletion of the post. Since then, the corporation has remained silent on the matter.

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