Jumpstart 2022 spoilers | Everything Revealed!

Jumpstart 2022 spoilers

We’re at that point within the calendar. It’s time to announce an additional new Jumpstart release! Jumpstarts can be described as a pack of cards designed to be broken and then shuffled to play immediately, making one of the most effective ways to start a game without having any prior knowledge.

We’ve got a brand-new release scheduled for December 2022. There is plenty of information to keep on top of. Today, I’m putting all the important information for you in one place.

Let’s get started!

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The Jumpstart 2022 Essential Information

Set Information

Set Symbol


Set Code




Numerous Cards


Rare Items


Mechanical Engineering


Important Dates



Previews begin


Full Gallery of Gallery Photos Available


Paper Release Date

December 2 2022

About the Set

This version of Jumpstart follows in a tradition similar to its previous versions. There are several kinds of packs that can be opened and then immediately put into basic decks.

The concept behind Jumpstart is to ensure that any brand-new player who has never played before can immediately get into the game by purchasing the purchase of a few packs and begin playing the simple structured format. It eliminates the need to teach the game or draft it, providing a cost-effective and easy way to play without the need to use the duel decks and starting decks.


There is no leak from Jumpstart 2022 to date!

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The speculation

There’s not much news yet. However, we can think about a few things from prior Jumpstart packs. There’s likely to be a pack with each color combination as well as a few more options. That’s all you need for a suitable mix for the majority of players, and anything more than that may be a bit excessive.

There’s a good chance that we’ll find a few rares within each pack. These are set lists, there’s with no wagers, but I’d not be too surprised that we see a sprinkled-in Teferi or a Commander staple in a few places.

Wrap Up

This is all we know to report regarding Jumpstart 2022! But don’t fret we’ll be following the announcement and information about the set closely and will keep this page up-to-date with the latest information. Bookmark this page and keep regularly checking to stay up-to-date!

What are your thoughts on this new Jumpstart? Are you eager for it to be back with a new version, or are you overwhelmed by the number of new products we receive every day and everywhere simultaneously? Tell me your opinions in the comments below or in Draftsim’s official Draftsim Discord.

Till next time, stay secure and fit!

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