Jeff Lawson SF Knight San Francisco Chronicle

Jeff Lawson SF Knight San Francisco Chronicle

Local tech entrepreneurs are angry that everybody is going out of Bay Area. Bay Area.

Twilio Chief Executive Officer Jeff Lawson has taken to Twitter and LinkedIn to appeal to his fellow tech executives to stay located in the Bay Area and invest in San Francisco’s long-term viability. This comes in the wake of Oracle and Hewlett Packard Enterprise announcing that they will move their offices into Texas. Tech legend Keith Rabois declared that he’s leaving San Francisco permanently because he’s finding it “impossible to stay.”

“I’m asking my friends, colleagues, and other CEOs to commit to the Bay. Commit to staying and rebuilding what has provided the world so much. It’s what it means being a part of an entire community. The @twilio account isn’t going anywhere.” the rapper wrote in December. 18. Twitter.

Lawson was then able to describe his plans to give back to the community, noting that the couple has contributed to Give2SF, one of the cities’ COVID assistance funds, and also making a pledge of $8 million by 2021 to Help Kitchen, an organization which connects people in need of food with meals at local restaurants.

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Local tech executives, such as Salesforce Chief Operating Officer Bret Taylor, have responded to the message. On Twitter, he wrote, “I have been born and raised in Oakland and am thrilled to remain within this area of the Bay Area — to create jobs locally and to help solve the many issues that we have as a community working in conjunction with local government and non-profits. And I’ve never been more hopeful in the direction of California.”

Twilio was established in 2008 and currently has 1 334 employees working within the Bay Area, according to LinkedIn. The cloud-based communications platform is home to two office locations within San Francisco, both in the South Beach area of SoMa.

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