Is there A Romance system in Triangle Strategy?

Is there A Romance system in Triangle Strategy

Story-driven gaming gets players involved in the storyline and characters of their characters through in-game mechanics. Romance is an example of a mechanic that can make players feel invested in characters. Triangle Strategy offers many characters and a compelling political plotline.

But Is there A Romance system in Triangle Strategy? Continue reading to find out!

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Is there A Romance system in Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy is an interesting storyline that allows for branching storylines. It is easy to wonder if there is enough space for romantic subplots.

Alas, Triangle Strategy doesn’t have such a romance system.

Triangle Strategy’s Serenoa has a relationship with Fredrica.

Triangle Strategy does not indicate that characters are in any kind of relation to each other.

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Other than Serenoa’s relationship with Fredrica, there are other ongoing relations. Some of these are still developing; others are more mature.

Triangle Strategy’s game mechanic is Conviction. It can be mistaken for Romance. Conviction has many consequences throughout the game, particularly in relation to interactions between Characters.

Triangle Strategy does not offer a relationship system. You can shop as many characters as you wish.

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