Is The Snapchat Lawsuit Real

Snapchat Lawsuit Real

You must have heard about Snapchat’s violation of people’s privacy laws. This is what the Snapchat lawsuit 2022 is about. Some people are wondering if it is real news or fake. Is Snapchat lawsuit real? What is the Snapchat lawsuit about? Here you will find everything about the Snapchat class action lawsuit Illinois

Snapchat is a very popular social media platform especially when it comes to sharing photos and videos with interesting and funny lenses and filters. However, Snapchat’s amazing features have got themselves into some trouble this time which is probably going to go afar. 

Is the Snapchat lawsuit real? What is this Snapchat biometric lawsuit? It is a violation of BIPA law in Illinois according to which Snapchat is infringing people’s privacy by collecting a database of their facial templates

To know if the Sncpahat lawsuit is real and what is the reason behind this as well as what will be the consequences, continue reading this article and find all your answers. 

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Is The Snapchat Lawsuit Real?

<strong>Is The Snapchat Lawsuit Real</strong>

Yes, the Snapchat lawsuit is real and all the allegations that have been put on Snapchat are true. Snapchat has been using its facial recognition technology to collect sensitive personal information of every Snapchat user who tries the Snapchat lens on their face due to which their unique facial features are stored in their database which is a matter of concern. 

What Is Snapchat Lawsuit 2022?

If you are a Snapchat user and are concerned about the safety and security of your privacy, then this is something you must be aware of.

 There have been allegations on Snapchat that Snapchat is gathering personal information through their unique lenses that capture biometrical information related to their facial features that are uniquely defined for everyone. And Snapchat doesn’t even take its users’ consent before using its Snapchat facial recognition technology on them.

This is against the BIPA law as the Snapchat facial recognition technology as people haven’t been informed clearly about this nor their permission has been taken. What is BIPA? BIPA is the Biometric Information Privacy Act which has been implemented by Illinois and it regulates and protects all the information of the users that are considered sensitive.

 This includes their thumb prints, eye scans as well as their facial recognition. So, any private company, that asks for access to or stores such sensitive private information of people in their apps or services, is regulated under the BIPA. Facebook and Google have already faced the issue of infringement of BIPA rules and this time it is the turn of Snapchat. 

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What Is Snapchat Settlement For Its Lawsuit 2022?

<strong>Is The Snapchat Lawsuit Real</strong>

Since Snapchat has not provided any prior notice that it is storing the personal biometric details of its users, which is a violation of BIPA law, and also, no written consent forms have been signed by its users that allow Snapchat to collect their private and sensitive data. 

For this, Snapchat will have to make a settlement by compensating for the things it has wronged. Just like Facebook and Google paid a settlement of $650 million and $100 million respectively which were distributed among their users in Illinois, in the same way, Snapchat will also have to compensate to settle this lawsuit. 

There has not been provided any specific amount for compensation to be paid by Snapchat. There are about 500,000 snaps on which Snapchat is currently facing the BIPA violation charges which would be costing Snapchat nearly $2.5 billion as compensation. 

However, the victims are only asked to prove that the Snapchat app has been used by them since the Snapchat face recognition technology is being used on the platform. So, if Snapchat loses this case, it will be at a great loss. 

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Who Will Get Compensation Through Snapchat Lawsuit 2022?

<strong>Is The Snapchat Lawsuit Real</strong>

You must be wondering if you are eligible for receiving the compensation through the Snapchat lawsuit. Well, there is a criterion that you must fulfill if you want to get compensation from Snapchat. 

First, you need to be a resident of Illinois as the BIPA regulations are currently implemented only in Illinois. Moreover, you must have used the Snapchat filters and lens while you were staying in Illinois and during the time when Snapchat’s facial recognition technology was already implemented on the app. 

If you fulfill the conditions required, then you might receive a compensating amount of about $500 up to $1000. 

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Wrap Up

The Snapchat lawsuit is real and it is going to bring a great loss to the company of Snapchat if the allegations are proven true. Tell us in the comments what are your views on this and how you think this controversy is going to end up. 

Who Is Snapchat Owned By?

Snapchat is owned by Snap Inc, its creators are Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy. Launched in September 2011, it has gained much popularity for its unique features. 

What Is Snapchat Biometric Lawsuit?

Snapchat Biometric Lawsuit is the lawsuit against Snapchat according to which Snapchat has been collecting the facial biometric information of the users who use filters on the platform which is against the BIPA regulations. 

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