Is Satan’s Butte a Real Place? Where is it Located?

Is Satan's Butte a Real Place? Where is it Located?

In Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries: Paranormal Rangers,’ viewers are introduced to paranormal investigations that take place on the Navajo Nation reservation spread over Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. The two Navajo Rangers, Stanley Milford Jr. and Jonathan Dover, share their experiences with these cases. A story that they discussed on the show was about the presence of a region known as Satan’s Butte. So, if you’re wondering about its existence or the location it could be We’ve got your back.

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Is Satan’s Butte a Real Place?

It is true that Satan’s Butte exists as a place located on the Navajo Nation reservation. According to the program, Stanley Milford Jr. and Jonathan Dover investigated possible UFO sightings of a person who resided near Greasewood within Arizona. The resident was Hoss Lors, who resided on the reservation for around a decadeand, when she was there, lived in the area. Hoss Lors was an English teacher lived near Satan’s Butte which was a mesa with a flat top and he was able to see it each day.

On the program, Hoss spoke about how his normal routine at night consisted of him taking a trip for a walk to feed his horse. One evening, just when the Sun was setting Hoss noticed an odd-looking lighting in the sky over Satan’s Butte. At first, Hoss couldn’t figure out the reason behind it. But he said he did witness the same thing two nights later and it was similar to what he had previously seen. something that was hovering prior to.

In the program, Hoss remembered it looking like a huge ship, complete with red lights. It also appeared to have rows lights that extended out of it. According to Hoss the lights appeared to be falling onto the Earth and the light emanating from what he believed to be an aircraft. After Hoss was able to see it again the next week He decided to record it with pictures. after looking at the images, Stanley and Jonathan were convinced that something different from the ordinary was occurring.

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Where is Satan’s Butte Located?

Satan’s Butte is located in the Arizona portion of Navajo Nation. It is situated near Greasewood and has an elevation of about 900 feet with a tiny peak with steep slopes. Local relief (the elevation changes within the zone) is 300m or approximately. Hoss said it was an unforgiving land that has no trees. According to the show, the people from the Navajo Nation weren’t surprised when Hoss told them about what he witnessed. Hoss was initially skeptical who believed that aliens and UFOs existed. However, that changed following what he saw.

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