Is Rex Byrnes the Rapist Alleged?

Is Rex Byrnes the Rapist Alleged?

Investigation Discovery’s “In Pursuit With John Walsh: A Father’s Betrayal” chronicles the shocking story of Rex Brynes, a Schenectady, New York man who was accused of sexually abusing his teenage daughter. He has remained unidentified to police, but law enforcement officers are still actively looking for him even after three years. Do you want to learn more about the case and updates on the perpetrator of the crime? Here are the facts.

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Rex Byrnes: Who are you?

Rex Brynes began dating Alyssa Mrotta in July 2011, after he had known Rex since his brother was with her cousin. According to Alyssa, Rex was a dedicated death metal fan. He wore black tees and long hair and wore the look of a true fan. Rex pictured himself as a death-metal superstar and wanted to tour Europe and South America in his amateur band. He realized that Alyssa was a girl who desired stability and children after meeting her.

Rex cut his hair to impress her and sported a neat, clean look. He also did a great job refinishing floors. Alyssa moved in with him after only a month. Rex was blessed with a young daughter, Sarah, from a previous relationship. At that time, the little girl lived in Florida with her mother. After Alyssa moved into the house, however, rex returned to his old ways, growing his hair back and dedicating his time to his death-metal band.

Alyssa, however, was content when Sarah moved in with her father around two years later. She began caring for the baby girl and watched her develop into the woman she wanted to be. Sarah became her stay-at-home mom, forging a strong bond as they went on hikes to parks and did everything together. Rex’s relationship began to deteriorate when she made horrifying discoveries about him.

She claimed that she had found child pornography on Rex’s laptop and saw him sneak out of Sarah’s bedroom at night. Alyssa confronted Rex, and he denied all of it. Alyssa took a job as a cook at a hospital while Rex stayed home to care for Sarah. Their relationship began to get worse, to the point where they were subjected to physical abuse. She ended her relationship with Rex.

Sarah requested visitation with Alyssa two weeks after they separated. The 11-year-old revealed an awful crime during her second visit. She claimed her father. Rex had been raping her for two years. Alyssa immediately called Schenectady police and informed them about Rex.

Rex Byrnes is Where Are You Today?

Alyssa called Rex and confronted him with the shocking claims made by his child. After their split, Rex was still living at his mother’s house. Rex was found to be running away from his mother when police arrived to question him. Rex’s mother said that Rex had run out of her house. Police searched the surrounding area and looked for him at his usual haunts.

Rex was charged with raping his daughter underage on February 13, 2019. A Superior Court warrant for arrest was issued based on Sarah’s testimony. Since then, the police have been searching for him but were unable to find him.

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