Is Rebecca Aldridge Dead? Did Ming-Zhu Hii Leave La Brea?

Is Rebecca Aldridge Dead? Did Ming-Zhu Hii Leave La Brea?

“La Brea,” a show on NBC, is a tangled time travel drama that has more questions than it gives to the viewers. It weaves a complex web of intrigues that draw viewers further into the darkest parts of the show. Everyone seems at a loss of understanding of what’s happening in the world around them. As they are sucked into a timeline in which they do not belong They are focused on ensuring their survival, and the lives of their loved relatives. Everyone is driven by these issues, with the exception of the one: Rebecca Aldridge.

And unlike the rest of us, Aldridge seems to be with a goal of her own, and is prepared to do anything to complete it. Aldridge seems to be the only one with all the answers to time travel and sinkholes. There is a belief that despite all her secrets it is likely that she will reveal all the secrets. But her sudden demise on episode 4 of Season 2 makes one wonder if her story is coming at an end. Here’s what you need to be aware of.

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Is Rebecca Aldridge Dead?

Time travel can make the idea of death more difficult than it is usually in other genres. Moreover, for a character with as much mystery such as Rebecca Aldridge, things can’t be so simple. Although she’s been around for some time and is now in the middle of her journey, there’s almost nothing we are aware of about her. We know her profession is science, somehow accountable for the sinkholes, is aware precisely how things are going to end up, and will never divulge any more than they must be aware of.

in the next season, in the second season, when she is reunited with Gavin during 10,000 BC, she informs Gavin that he’s got an important role to be a part of the things to come. She urges him to go together to Lazarus in search of an entrance that will help bring Josh as well as Riley back to 1988. However, the risky situation in the clearing force the girl to abandon her plans for a time, and instead take on Gavin in his quest for his loved ones’ safety. In this, she gets assaulted by a wolf and seriously injured.

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In light of the fact that she’s suffered a fatal injury, it’s thought that she could also be able to overcome this one. However, this time, her wounds are far too deep and she’s unable to heal. Before she can divulge all the secrets she had said she would, she passes away. Since we see the event unfold, Aldridge is certainly dead. However, does this mean we will never see her again in the film ‘La Brea’? It’s not entirely certain about it now.

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