Is LG TV Automatically Dimming? How to Fix It

LG TV Automatically Dimming

We understand that your LG TV Automatically Dimming. This is usually a function of the TV and not a problem.

When the scene changes occur, the screen will dim. This happens when the image goes from dark to light. The panel processor is reducing power to the backlight in scenes that are darker than usual.

We have some tips and tricks that will stop your screen from automatically dimming by changing your screen settings.

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Why Does my LG TV Automatically Dimming?

Is LG TV Automatically Dimming? How to Fix It

The Ambient Light Detection function will make your TV automatically dim. It measures the light level in the room and adjusts the brightness accordingly. In a darkened room, the screen will be darker and brighter.

How Can I Stop LG TV’s Automatic Dimming?

You can adjust the energy settings to stop your LG television from automatically dimming.

  1. Navigate to the picture menu and select settings > advanced > image.
  2. Click the Energy Savings option
  3. Change the Energy Savings to or

If this doesn’t work, try switching off the smart picture mode and switching to the expert mode instead. You can also try to disable the super-resolution, dynamic contract and colour filter.

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How to fix an LG TV that isn’t working?

Is LG TV Automatically Dimming? How to Fix It

If none of these methods works, it could be a sign that your TV is having more serious issues.

We also have heard that certain LG models cannot be switched off the energy-saving feature. This is something we recommend you live with.

Contact LG customer service for further assistance.

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