Is Helix Studios Available On Android TV

Is Helix Studios Available On Android TV

Yes, Helix Studios Available on Android TV

How to Install HelixTV IPTV FireStick / Android/Kodi

This guide will teach you how to install Helix IPTV using FireStick. The same installation method is applicable to other Fire TV devices like Fire TV Cube or Fire TV 2nd Gen.

Update: The IPTV service is now unavailable. You can also check out our list with the top IPTV services to see some alternatives.

Helix TV offers multi-platform IPTV services with hundreds of satellite channels all over the globe. You can quickly access top TV channels from Canada and the UK. Subscription plans are available to access international channels. A VOD service is also available if you are interested in watching movies or TV programs.

Helix FireStick is quick and easy to set up. It also includes a Kodi Addon that makes it accessible on a wide variety of devices like Mac, iOS Windows PC, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

You must first sign up to Helix IPTV, and purchase a subscription plan regardless of which device platform it will be used on. I have detailed the steps to sign up and how to install Helix TV IPTV on FireStick.

Here is the guide you will follow:

  • How to install Helix TV on FireStick
  • Helix TV signup
  • FireStick Installation Instructions for Helix
  • How to use Helix TV FireStick
  • How to get the Helix FireStick app
  • How to use Helix TV
  • How to switch video player in Helix TV
  • How to file a ticket if there are any issues with the service
  • How to change Helix TV IPTV passwords
  • Change online account password
  • Change/retrieve the streaming login password
  • How to install Helix TV Addons on Kodi
  • Helix TV: Pros and cons

How to install Helix TV on FireStick

Here’s how you can help:

  • Get a Helix TV account to purchase a subscription.
  • FireStick can be updated with the Helix TV app. The same app also works on Android.

First, let me walk you through how to sign up. Later, you will learn how to install Helix TV using FireStick.

FireStick Users, Pay Attention!

ISPs and governments monitor all your internet activity. Accessing copyrighted content from your Fire TV Stick could result in serious problems. Currently, your IP 2401:4900:1c38:7fd6:3561:85e7:225b:ca83 is visible to everyone. The best FireStick VPN is highly recommended to conceal your IP and securely stream your favorite shows.

Personally, I use ExpressVPN. This is the fastest VPN and the most secure. It is simple to install on any device. You also get a 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction. It’s also risk-free and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. expressVPN also offers an additional 3 month free with their annual plan

Helix IPTV signup

You will first need to sign up for a Helix TV Account and purchase a subscription plan to be able to use the service. Here is how to sign-up:

Go to On your mobile phone or computer, choose a plan. Then click Buy Now

These are the choices:

  • 48 Hours Free Test Drive – Try the entire range for only 1 EUR ($1.10).
  • UK Helix is a UK-only channel (NO VOD, international or 24/7 content), priced at 7 EUR ($7.75 roughly).
  • US/CA Helix is a channel that broadcasts content from the USA and Canada (NO VOD, international or 24/7 content), for 7 EUR ($7.75 roughly).
  • Single Helix UK, USA and Canada channels. Complete range of VOD (NO International channels) starting at 9.5 EUR ($10.50).
  • Double Helix (Same as Single Helix Plan, but also includes International Channels for 10.50 EUR ($11.60 approximately)
  • Triple Helix is an all-inclusive package that includes the USA, Canada, UK and International channels. It costs 11.50 EUR ($12.70) approximately

Note All these plans offer a single connection. During the signup/checkout process, you can purchase additional connections.

Next, click Continue to modify your subscription.

  • Select Billing Cycle – You have the option to choose from Monthly or Quarterly, SemiAnnually, Annually, or Annually. I recommend going with the month-to-30 plans. These third parties IPTV services don’t have any guarantees about when they will cease operations. Therefore, selecting the option with the least risk is best.
  • Extra Connections: Lets you add extra connections. Helix IPTV can run on as many devices concurrently as there are connections. Each additional connection costs 5.75. There are maximum 3 connections, and 1 connection is included in the base plan.

The following page will allow you to review the details and click View

Fill out the form and provide your personal information.

Important!!! Be careful when entering email addresses. You must type it correctly. The email will contain important information about your Helix Account.

You can choose a password in the Security section to log into your online account.

Note: This is not the password you need to log in FireStick to the Helix TV App. This password is used together with your email to log into your Helix TV online account from a browser.

Scroll down to your preferred payment option on the same webpage

Click on the ‘Terms of Service box. Enter the captcha characters in the designated text box.

To continue, please click Continue Order

Continue to the next page and fill out the order form.

Once the transaction is complete, you’ll receive an email with your app login credentials (username/password) as assigned by the system. These credentials are needed to log in FireStick to Helix TV, Helix TV addon, and Helix TV Online streaming (via web browser)

I will explain later how to change your Helix TV App password. You can’t change the system-assigned username.

Installation steps for Helix IPTV Firestick App

Follow the steps below for the Helix TV application on FireStick

1- Open Firestick Options by going to the main menu at the top of the device’s home screen.

2- Go to My Fire TVoption.

3- Choose Developer options

4- Now, click apps from unknown sources (only if it is ON)

5- Next, click and turn on. To continue

This is how you can install third-party applications on FireStick.

6- Now, go back to FireStick Home Screen

Choose the Search tool. It is located in the top-left corner of the screen (the lens choice).

7- Use the onscreen keyboard to find the Downloader application

Install the Downloader application on your device

8- Now open Downloader. Choose the appropriate options for handling popups on the first run

The Downloader screen should now be displayed. The Home tab is already selected in the left-hand menu

The URL field must be clicked in the right hand corner of the screen.

9- Go ahead and type the following path with the onscreen keyboard:

After you have entered it, check the path. Make sure the information is correct.

Click GO

10- Now wait for the Downloader to install the Helix TV APK onto FireStick. This process takes only a few seconds

11- This popup should be available in a very short time

Click Install

12- Wait for a few seconds. FireStick will automatically install Helix TV

13- You will see this pop up after you have completed the installation

We have not opened the app yet. You will learn how to do this later.

To save some space on FireStick’s hard drive, we will click DONE.

14- Click To Delete

15- You can click again.

This clears out the APK file from FireStick’s storage.

This is how you install Helix IPTV using Amazon FireStick.

Your FireStick/Fire TV will now be ready to stream your favorite content. warn everyone that you stream online, visible for your ISP. This means streaming HD movies, TV programs, or Sports could land you in legal trouble.

There is a foolproof way that you can keep your streaming activities secret from your ISP, and the Government. All you need is an good, VPN for Fire Stick. A VPN will mask your original IP which is 2401:4900:1c38:7fd6:3561:85e7:225b:ca83 and will help you bypass Online Surveillance, ISP throttling, and content geo-restrictions.

I recommend . It is the fastest and best VPN. It is compatible with all streaming apps and is very easy to install on Fire TV / Stick.

We do not encourage violations of copyright laws. What happens if you stream content unintentionally from an illegitimate source? Some can find it difficult to differentiate between legitimate and illegal sources.

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