Innistrad Midnight Hunt Spoilers

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Spoilers

While we are now on Innistrad the situation isn’t so bad for humanity. Nightfall is already taking control, the weather has become unusually cold, Harvesttide will soon be here, which could be the one thing to save the people now that their Angel of Hope is gone.

The land is home to witches and warlocks who believe humanity may need to seek out older and more powerful magic to save itself. People are being threatened by werewolves who have lost their minds.

Innistrad is facing a new threat as they struggle to get a breather. It’s a night that could never end. Although things go bump in night are plentiful, the Kessig rural humans have not given up hope. If they have to, they will find a way.

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Take the example of Mayor Avabruck. It reads: “At the start of each upkeep if no spells have been cast last turn transform Mayor of Avabruck.” On the opposite side (Howlpack Alpha), the text reads: “At the start of each upkeep if a player has cast two or more spells in the last turn, transform Howlpack Alpha.” These lengthy pieces of text are now replaced with daybound/nightbound that look better on a Magic card. You also get cool Day or Night tokens.

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