I was reincarnated in a book as the villainess!

Who is the owner of this body, the one who attempted to murder the heroine?

Let’s live in peace, where we can have fun and eat. This is what I was thinking for a while.

It was freezing here in the north. I was sent home as a punishment.


Before I died from freezing, I called The Great Demon Of Fire and lit the fire in the fireplace.

Why doesn’t he go back? You’ve done the job. Why not go back? !

I was shocked to learn that I had signed a lifetime contract with a demon to light a fire, but I thought I would be responsible for his needs.

A bickering romance between a large puppy demon and a small lady of villainess!

I’ll Live as a Villain.

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Is my ex-sibling coming back to ruin my enjoyment?

MC’s house has a strong foundation and is wealthy, with a lot political power. This is why he chose her to be his fiancee. But after falling in love with the “heroine”, he decided that ‘Love vs Power was the right choice. (greedy??) He tries to persuade MC by saying “You know, I love another person and will never love them but you love me to the death so support me nevertheless.”

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MC kicks his butts out, so don’t be alarmed. They have a business relationship after that, as MC is the duke’s daughter and both are very prominent political figures. Although he is not the most evil of men, he is still likable.

When Oliver is not fighting dragons or chasing the bogey man out of my kids' closet, I like using my previous Online Optimization skills to help other with the 'technical' stuff.

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