IgniteTech Acquires AnswerHub

IgniteTech Acquires AnswerHub

IgniteTech, an Austin, TX-based company that develops software, has acquired AnswerHub, the Durham, North Carolina-based company that offers a Knowledge Management Platform.

The value of the transaction was not made public.

Through the acquisition, IgniteTech will enhance and broaden its range of communications and Remote Engagement solutions.

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IgniteTech Acquires AnswerHub

Directed by the CEO Terry Waters, AnswerHub enables users to share their knowledge and best practices across teams, thereby growing and connecting experts to share their internal and external knowledge. Utilizing multiple channels for knowledge sharing, including Q&As and knowledge base, as well as user-generated content, users can quickly discover answers to their urgent questions from a field expert. The company also gets rid of routine tasks such as responding to support tickets or internal chats that allow teams and their talent to concentrate on technological and business priorities, which are the most important.

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Directed by CEO Eric Vaughan, IgniteTech is a software-based company that expands almost entirely through acquisitions: 1.) to stabilize and save the software and the businesses it acquires,) to constantly create new products and move them into its AWS cloud, and third) to increase value through its subscription-based software model, similar to Netflix, that allows customers to access every product in the IgniteTech solutions suites.

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