Ideal travel bag, Jet Set Travel Small Logo Shoulderbag with Pouches

Ideal travel bag, Jet Set Travel Small Logo Shoulderbag with Pouches

The jet set small logo shoulder bag can be used to add a refined touch to the utilitarian style. The bag has a great style and a touch of sophistication.

The pouches can be detached from the case. It is also crafted with a canvas signature logo-print canvas. The pouches can also be removed from the case.

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Jet Set Quick Facts

Journalists use “jet set” as a term for an international social group that includes wealthy individuals who travel to other parts of the globe to participate in social activities that are not accessible to the average citizen.

This phrase was meant to replace the term “cafe society” because it was inspired by a way of life that required frequent flights from exotic or fashionable locations to other places.

Igor Cassini was a New York Journal-American reporter who coined the term “jet set.” Cassini wrote the article under the pen name of “Cholly Knickerbocker.”

Jet passenger service was almost exclusively marketed to the upper classes in the 1950s. The advent of jet passenger service led to an increase in accessibility to air travel.

Although the expression “jet set” is still commonly used, it is not accurate to its original meaning of individuals who flew by private aircraft.

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After the 1976 debut of the supersonic Concorde, once-vibrant “jet sets” saw a revival. Scheduled flights were first established on January 21, 1976. They operated on two routes: London-Bahrain, the oil executive route, and Paris-Rio de Janeiro via Dakar.

Both were considered jet set routes. The Concorde has flown between standard jet-set destinations like London and Paris, New York City, since November 1977. There has been gossip about the passenger lists for the Concorde’s first flights.

The prestige associated with “jet set” was restored by the Concorde. The Nova retrospective special “Supersonic Dream” states that the Concorde was the only way to travel for the jet-set.

However, the Concorde was doomed because of its sonic boom and inability to get global fly-over rights due to the boom, its huge thirst for jet fuel and its disastrous crash.

In 2003, the plane was retired from service. The Boeing 747 is the most innovative aircraft in terms of passenger capacity.

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The Jet Set Travel Shoulder Bag

This item is unique because of its exceptional craftsmanship. These pouches can store your most used cards and your AirPods. They are easy to access and keep them accessible at all times.

People also ask

Where can I buy the Jet Set Travel Shoulder bag?

These bags can be purchased online through E-bay or any other online shopping site.

How Much is a Jet Set Travel Shoulder Bag Worth?

It is typically sold for $200 or more.

Final Words

The Jet Set Travel shoulder bag is elegant and functional enough to be used every day. The bag is made from Signature canvas and has two pockets that can be taken out.

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