I was the lead male spoiler’s wife

I was the lead male spoiler's wife

I became the wife to male lead season 2 is finally here

The Manhwa I, the female lead, became very popular and received a lot from its fans for its animation and translation.

After Fiona saved everyone from the forest attack, Fiona became famous and received a lot of gifts from across the empire. As a token of our appreciation for her participation in the hunting contest, all gifts are presented to her. Fiona was very energetic during the hunting contest and eventually fell. Abel carried her because she was her adopted child. The Manhwa I became the wife of the male lead. Chapter 40 was the last chapter in season 1.

Fiona began receiving invitation letters to join the social world, but was not comfortable. Fiona decided to join Siegren and other knights. The Empress then called Livia and asked her to marry her son, the crown prince. She refused the marriage proposal. Fiona met her and they discussed the upcoming prom. Fiona was hesitant to attend the prom held by the empress.

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I became the wife to a male lead spoiler image

Livia’s stunning appearanceFiona Heilon’s new look

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