I-Rox Raises EUR12M in Funding

I-Rox Raises EUR12M in Funding

I-ROX, the Toulouse French-based startup within the mining industry, aims to create a more efficient grinding method to extract precious minerals from ores that received EUR12M in the capital.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures Europe managed the round.

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I-Rox Raises EUR12M in Funding

The company plans to use the money to continue improving its pulsed-power technology.

A collaborative effort of BEV-E, which was founded in the name of Bill Gates, and I-Pulse, established by Robert Friedland and Laurent Frescaline, I-ROX is a developer of pulsed-power technology. The company aims to prove that short, high-intensity pulses of energy produced by pulsed-power technology can quickly and effectively shatter minerals and rocks.

The pulsed power technology I-ROX is developing can reduce the lengthy duration, energy consumption, and carbon emissions from mineral exploration. Comminution of minerals and rock ores is done by crushing and grinding. In this way, the rock is reduced to smaller and smaller sizes that can be used for processing. The crushing and grinding process is the primary expensive and energy-intensive part of the mining process.

The company is presently situated at I -Cube Research, a Toulouse-based firm with 100 people that is part of the I-Pulse group that develops high-pulsed power (HPP) for industrial use. I-Pulse is a world-class leading company in this field, relying on huge-scale technological and scientific advancements to advance these cutting-edge technologies.

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