I married the male leads dad spoilers.

I married the male leads dad spoilers.


Aisha, who loved the novel’s male protagonist, died while attending a signing event. She discovered that she was the sole daughter of a baron whose name had never been mentioned in the novel when she opened her eyes.

She’s excited to be in her favorite novel and to interact with her favorite characters. But she’s surprised to discover that the male protagonist is only seven years old.

She is happy to witness the male protagonist’s childhood and starts her life as an avid follower. Hades, Duke from Louvermont and father to the male protagonist in this novel, see her actions and is misunderstood. Hades observes Aisha’s efforts and decides to propose to him.

Aisha accepts her offer from the Duke to be the male lead mother. However, she hopes for a happy and fulfilling life.

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I married the male leads dad spoilers.

Soon to come manhwa (November 30)

This plot is simply amazing. I was expecting it to be just a regular ‘yay, and I became the duchess’ or a ‘yay, I have a cute baby. But the plot twists were so unexpected. 100% recommend.

**spoilers! You’ve already been warned. **

I liked the story. It was funny, cute, and a little sad. I feel awful for the duking. I do hope the fl can get along with him. Because he misunderstands who she is, it’s quite one-sided.

*Edited ch 30 Things are starting to look up for the Duke. The fl now realizes that he’s great. He deserves her love just like her son. It is becoming more real in their relationship, and I am thrilled that she is uncovering more of the truth about her situation. Super excited to learn more about her connection with her father, church, powers, and future saint; I believe in powers.

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