How To Write A Recommendation On LinkedIn

A lot of us have been fortunate to work with a variety of fantastic bosses, colleagues, and friends we’d love for you to suggest to LinkedIn (or any other site really).

The issue is that the process of writing the recommendation can take longer than you expected. What can you do to make your friend stand out but still sound genuine? Do you need to write about the amazing talents that this person is able to perform or just keep it brief and easy? Find out how in this article on How to Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn?

What LinkedIn tips can I use, and why should I send These to individuals?

Let’s back up for a sec and cover the what and the why: This little feature of everyone’s favorite business-meets-social-media platform allows you to write brief testimonials of people you’ve worked with. Think of them as an online version of testimonials for past and present employees, coworkers, and managers (or anyone else you’ve been fortunate to work with).

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Employers and recruiters frequently check the person’s LinkedIn recommendations when deciding whether to talk to them. While these blurbs may not be as vital as a professional resume and well-written letter of introduction, they can provide additional insight into the applicant’s qualifications and background from a different point of view. It’s like an overview of the reference.

Why would you want to create an online review? Think about the reasons you should write reviews about your favorite restaurant or salon. It’s a great way to express your appreciation and appreciation for their services. It also will help them appear attractive in the eyes of prospective customers (or patrons). It’s also a good way to remain on top of your thoughts with people you have known in the past. They’ll be informed when you’ve shared your suggestions, and it’s guaranteed to bring them a smile and hopefully encourage them to make the same choice in the future when they search for their ideas.

Another benefit? A recommendation on LinkedIn recommendation could demonstrate to all personal and professional networks that you are part of and that you’re a kind and loving colleague and the kind of person looking for a job would most likely want to collaborate with.

How to Create A Recommendation For LinkedIn

  • Discuss the reasons and nature that you share with the employer.
  • Please give the details of the job you suggest to the person.
  • We’d like to know how they’ve grown your business.
  • Indicate how their contributions have contributed to the efficiency of the group or business.
  • What can these achievements tell us about the individual?
  • End with a note about your personal interactions with the individual.

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Decide The Goal and The Specifics of Your Relationship with Your Employer.

It’s not as important but it’s a crucial element that acts in the role of an “intro” for your recommendation. The person you recommend it to could be a coworker whom you’ve worked for many decades, a manager, a directly subordinate, or contact point for the company, or any other thing else. This sets the stage for your reader to comprehend the reasons behind your suggestion.

For instance:

I’ve been working with Lisa for over two years.

Please provide the specifics of the job you recommend to The Person.

Do you suggest the person you’ve worked with them in a specific position? Do you write about their experience in various positions they’ve held as you worked with them? In any case, the next step is to outline particular aspects that are associated with your job(s). This may be difficult to understand, just like giving an outline of the task. However, it could be very helpful to those looking at the content trying to comprehend what they’ve been doing in their job.

Do not make an inventory of all their duties. If they’ve had many roles I’d suggest that you contact them to figure out which part of their work they’d prefer to emphasize more over other areas.

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For instance:

Over the 2 years she’s been in the field I’ve seen her excel at the core areas of her work such as copywriting and editing, however, she also excels at other tasks that go beyond her work including advertising emails for marketing purposes, event organizing, as well as becoming an advocate for internal communications within the company.

We’d like to know the reason why they’ve grown The Company

If the person you recommend is reporting (or previously been reported) directly in your direction, this section of a LinkedIn recommendation can be a huge difference. Explaining why the person you recommend was able to develop regardless of their job or switching roles — is a great way to demonstrate their capability to expand when your organization expands.

Be mindful not to emphasize any negative moments in the person’s professional life which may diminish the significance of the accomplishments you’re trying to promote.

For instance:

Lisa has grown in size at the same rate as our company has grown, and her willingness to accept new responsibilities is something that should be the goal of any professional in the business.

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Define how their contribution helped to develop the Company or Team.

This could be the reason to explain how they’ve helped to achieve difficult-to-measure results or demonstrate their contribution to less obvious tasks, such as the direction of their colleagues or promoting innovative ideas.

For example:

Lisa’s ability to manage her primary role, and the tasks that go beyond it, are vital to the success of the business. Indeed, her method of handling communication within the company was in tune with increasing the satisfaction of employees.

What are these achievements revealing About the Person?

Once you’ve provided a few details, let’s look at the significance of those details in the larger context of your recommendation. Are the scenarios you’ve presented suggest that someone is committed? Ambitious? Fantastic to build team spirit? Find a way to link their accomplishments in relation to the strengths of their team.

For instance:

This unbeatable mix of determination and efficiency can be a great model for all within the group. This is also the reason everyone loves being with Lisa regardless of their position in the organization chart.

Close with a note about the Personal Aspects of Working with The Person.

In this part, you can hit your point home by sharing the experiences you worked with them. Also, mention your hopes regarding their career, or even a brief suggestion for the future of their careers.

For instance:

Even though Lisa’s dedication to her work is paying off even after she has left work, I want to see her in my office every day. I’m hopeful about her professional direction.

How Do I Share A LinkedIn Recommendation?

There are two ways to approach the problem:

  1. Your account is set to HTML0: Go on to your profile, scroll down until you see the “Recommendations” section, and click”+” to add a recommendations “+” sign. You’ll be asked whether you want to ask for or give a recommendation-select the latter. Following that the pop-up will prompt you to choose the person you’d like to recommend to others.
  2. From the other’s profile: Head to the profile of the person you’d like to recommend. Click”More,” or click the “More” or “More” button that is to the right of the “Message” button and then click “Recommend.” Alternatively, you can go through the “Recommendations” section and click on “Recommend [Name].”

In any case, you’ll have to enter the following details:

  • The relationship you have with this person Was it your job to supervise or oversee the person you were with? Did they have a job for you? Did you have a relationship with them? Select the relationship you want to establish from the choices in the dropdown menu.
  • The status of their work at that time was: In what post were they at the time you began working alongside them?
  • The suggestion you can make is A brief (no more than 3,000 words however, a shorter version is more efficient) about your experience working with the individual. It’s the place you’ll want to spend your time. That’s why we’re here…

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10 Top LinkedIn Recommendations Examples

We recommend following the steps listed above to formulate the latest suggestions for each individual here’s a template to follow in the event that you’re running short of time. Make sure to complete the correct details!

“[Descriptive phrase is the phrase that comes to my mind when you think about [Name”[Descriptive phrase] refers to the word I’m thinking about when I think of [Name]. I’ve had the privilege of being in contact with [Name] for a long time and, during this time, [descriptions about your connection with you ] is the way you describe your relationship. At the end of the day, I was amazed by [Name’s] capacity to define the characteristics that draw attention to the individual they are. Additionally, it was a personal trait they have. Name is an essential asset to any job that requires the [1-2] abilities they excel in. It includes my sincere suggestions .”

It’s as simple as that. Five steps will lead you through five (or 5 or) paragraphs and five minutes to provide suggestions to make sure your contacts are shining. Are you curious about the exact process that goes together? Look at these examples. (You could use these as an idea to help you make your own suggestions however we will not divulge the names!)

To Recruit A New Member To Your Team.

One of the core values that we share on our engineering team has to do with “constant improvement,” and I’ve not met anyone who is as committed to this as Meha. We’ve worked together and watched her constantly seek out new problems to resolve, whether it’s locating the source of a problem in software or a script that can book a table at a restaurant that is always booked or participating in charity events during her free time. Meha can also be the one I can call new employees who have issues. I’ve been very pleased working with Meha and I’m certain anyone who wants to collaborate or hire Meha will be happy as well.

A Coworker With whom You collaborated on an assignment

The task of keeping a team that is more than 50 people with the same objectives could be daunting, however, it was a simple job for Peter. We collaborated closely over a period of six months to launch an innovative launch of the product, and I was consistently amazed by his technical project management capabilities as well as his ability to keep the team focused during the inevitable hurdles and disruptions to the supply chain. I’m confident that I’ve left every weekly meeting with a better outlook. Peter is your guy for any company or team that needs a proven PM with a get-it-done-with-a-smile approach.

To be A Boss

I would not have had a better initial manager aside from Seema who I was directly supervised for two years prior to her promotion to the position of VP of Sales. Because of her coaching and training, I was able to meet my sales goals fifty percent of the time, exceeding the quarterly goal. She also was willing to go beyond her capabilities to help us comprehend the different perspectives and diversity which strengthened our bonds to our team members and helped us grow stronger as a team. If you ever have the chance to work for Seema I would highly recommend you take the opportunity.

For A Mentor

As a former brand manager with no experience in the topic of paid advertising, I am thankful to the stars for me that I had the chance to enjoy having Jordan with me to study. While not directly managing me, Jordan always went out of their way for me with the basics of digital ads during my first year with APO Agency.

In the wake of my education, I was able to design and implement various successful programs that I could offer my clients. In addition, Jordan provided monthly office hours (with DONUTS!) to everyone on the team to discuss the most current technology and features. If you’re in search of an individual to work with, a manager, or head of your digital marketing team I can’t think of anyone else I could recommend other than me.

For someone who is older than you.

I’ve learned a lot about managing a team and the outcome of Cris. Cris was the director of the communications team at Fintech Focus while I worked in the area of project management. But, when our teams collaborated I was able to observe and gain from his leadership. In a space that is known as hard-charging Cris has shattered the norm and created an environment that made everyone feel appreciated and appreciated. (Except for the football season it was a different story.) Everyone is lucky to be able to collaborate with someone like Cris.

To Request A Direct Report

I was confident that Susan was a top performer when I recruited her to fulfill the position of coordinator for social media and she was at the interview to present a talk about how brands can interact with (the growing) TikTok. For the three years of working for me, Susan was elevated from coordinator to manager and then to team leader due to her ability to recognize new trends and quickly implement brand strategies for our clients. The most impressive thing is that her social skills are combined with her ability to bring many of the biggest bureaucratic clients to take swift action. I’d hire Susan to do it again immediately.

If You’re A Junior

Nikita is a rising superstar on Nikita is making waves within the PR industry. As our Team’s Account Manager, she manages reports, scheduling, and analysis for our five account managers (myself and others). Her skills go well beyond keeping track of the needs of the team and their specifics. She displays her passion and dedication to the field each day by engaging with editors and searching for potential out of the box for clients. (She’s been a tremendous aid to me in improving my PowerPoint game, and I’m a huge fan.) Anyone on a PR team is fortunate to have Nikita and I’m not able to wait in observing where her career will lead her.

For Freelancers

The term “efficient” is the way I would describe Sehoon. Sehoon has been our real estate firm’s principal freelance writer for the past two years, writing lengthy white research papers about market trends and email to crisp social media posts. Since we’ve been working together the number of compliments I’ve received regarding the newsletters I send out (and the amount of clients’ recommendations I’ve received via these newsletters) has increased dramatically. Sehoon’s turn-around time is always incredibly quick. If you’re looking for someone who can elevate your material to the next standard, I’d recommend employing Sehoon.

A Client

It’s not often that you find clients who are truly clients, but that’s exactly what I’ve experienced with Kat as my agency’s content team has collaborated with her marketing staff for the past two years. As a customer, she’s a dream. She gives detailed briefs on projects and is a reliable partner when it comes to creating content, and keeps me up-to-date with the results of my projects and content that allow me to make my products better. She also pays punctually every time! If you’re thinking of hiring Kat for an employer or vendor position, a colleague, or an employee role I cannot recommend her experience any higher.

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