How to watch Apple TV on LG Smart TV Last updated Oct 2022

How to watch Apple TV on LG Smart TV Last updated Oct 2022

There are many streaming services that allow us to enjoy our favorite online content. There are many streaming services available, but we need to choose the best. The Apple TV app is one of the most popular streaming services online. This article will show you how to install Apple TV on LG Smart TV. Let’s look at the article to learn how to install Apple TV.

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Apple TV App

Apple Inc.’s software-programmed media player is the Apple TV App. The Apple TV app is a subscription-based, ad-free streaming service that allows you to view all of the TV movies and shows that Apple delivers to your electronic devices. It’s easy to access the Apple TV app from your Smart TVs. Apple TV app is available on all smart TVs, including Roku and Samsung Tizen. LG webOS, etc. Subscribe to your favorite channels via the Apple TV App and get started.

Guide to Install Apple TV App on LG Smart TV

Here’s how to install Apple TV App on LG Smart TV. To install the app on LG Smart TV successfully, follow the steps below and start enjoying your favorite online videos.

Step1 Use your remote control to open the LG Smart TV’s home launcher.

Step2 You can see the Apple TV app by steering the LG Content store.

Step3 Touch the Apple TV app to install it. To download the Apple TV app, press the Install button.

Step4 To open the Apple TV app, go back to your home screen.

Step5 Click on the Start viewing.

Step6 To sign into your Apple ID with the settings, touch the Settings to access the accounts.

Step7 Anyone who doesn’t have an Apple ID sign-in can open their new Apple ID by visiting Apple’s website.

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Guide to Watch Apple TV On LG Smart TV Via Airplay

You can install the Apple TV app on LG Smart TV and also view it via Airplay. These steps will help you understand the process.

St ep1 With the same Wi-Fi connection you can strap both your iPhone or iPad to your LG Smart TV.

Step2 Go to the LG SmartTV Home Dashboard Menu.

Step3 Select the Airplay option from the menu.

Step4 Allow the Airplay feature to work and, for affirmation launch into your passcode on the iPhone.

Step5 Open the Apple TV app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step6 Touch the Airplay Icon to select your LG SmartTV.

Step7 Choose any video from the Apple TV to appear on your LG Smart TV.


To conclude:

We hope you have all understood the process of installing the Apple TV App on your LG Smart TV. Apple TV app has a large number of features. Download it with an affordable subscription to get all the features. Thank you for reading.

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