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How To View Facebook’s Locked Profile

Do you find it frustrating that you can’t access an image of your Facebook profile that has been blocked? This isn’t the case anymore. After hours of intense study and tests, we’ve compiled five methods that work to Access Facebook’s Locked Profile. Let’s get started.

How to View Facebook’s Locked Profile

Utilize Online Tools to view Facebook’s profile locked.

There are many websites that claim to show pictures from Facebook profiles that are locked. Facebook accounts. However, we came across a particular website that can do exactly what it claims it can accomplish. Users are able to quickly duplicate and copy their account’s Facebook URL into the search bar and see the full-size profile picture of a profile that is blocked. Here’s how to accomplish it.

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1. Copy the URL of the account blocked Facebook account in order to view the profile picture.

2. Open Next and then open your Profil Viewer Online Tool and paste the link to your profile in your Search Bar.

3. Also, choose the alternative from the methods available and then complete the captcha verification. After verifying the bot, click the “Get Profile Picture” button to view the profile image of that blocked Facebook account.

4. In the event that Method A is displaying errors when you display the profile picture You can change to other methods and repeat the above steps to view the profile image locked.

Use the Browser on your phone to browse the Facebook profile that is locked.

Another method to view the profile picture of the accounts that are locked on the Facebook account is to make use of an alternate method of accessing the easy method accessible via the Facebook Mobile browser. You can follow these directions by using this method to view the profile photo of the account.

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1. Launch the Internet browser application on your smartphone and log in using the Facebook account you have created. Facebook login.

2. Then, type in the profile’s lock on your screen to show the profile picture you would like to view.

3. After that, tap the address bar located in the upper right-hand corner. Add the ” basic ” before the Facebook” keyword, then search for it. This will open your private Facebook page using the standard viewing mode on your device.

4. Click long to reveal the profile picture now, and then click on the Download Image button in order to save the secure profile image to your device.

That’s it. You can now look at the profile picture that you downloaded for the Facebook account you blocked in your phone’s gallery application.

Use the “Photos of Method” to search for Related Content

Apart from looking at the image of the locked Facebook profile picture, In addition, you can view other information about the profile such as photos and other posts by using the photos feature option technique. While this method can’t guarantee that you’ll receive the exact results, it could be used to look through the results of a search and find the details of the profile that are locked (such as photos, posts, posts, etc. ).

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1. Visit Facebook through your browser and then log in with your Facebook account.

2. Then, hit on the search bar and input the keyword you want to search for below.

Replace the by-an indication by your name, the lock’s number, or the Facebook account you wish to get to know. For instance, ‘Photos by Paras Rastogi’.

3. You can browse through the different categories available in the left-hand sidebar to find more details from search results, such as People’s photos, posts, and more.

This method works because it’s a trial-and-error technique to gather details that are not available in your profile on Facebook.

Contact the Account’s Friends The Account is Locked

Another way to view the posts or photos of a not-locked Facebook profile is to connect to your friends on the account and add them to your friends’ list. Once you’ve accepted the invitation, you might be able to look at the profile photo of the selected Facebook user, whose friend might be adding him on there.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see photos that have been shared between your profile locked of the account as well as the user you’ve created recently for your own account.

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Create and Use A Different Facebook Account

Maybe you don’t want to be burdened by tools and techniques online to view your profile picture and other posts from your account that is locked on Facebook. If so you’re in, you may create a brand new account with Facebook and add your friends as friends so that you can view their posts and updates.

Be sure to hide the initial information you provide when you sign up for your brand new Facebook account, as you don’t want the target Facebook user to view you in the feed of his friends.

What is the reason people want to Lock Their Profiles on Facebook?

Many people are secretly watching Facebook. Facebook has introduced its Locked Profile feature to safeguard users from these types. The best part is that if you decide to create a private profile for your Facebook username, no one except your close friends will be able to view your profile picture. The advantage of this function is that nobody else can see your posts or other information. Furthermore, photos of your profile with your password can’t be taken. 

If you’re worried about your security, that’s acceptable. The issue comes when you get requests from friends on accounts that are locked. Because you don’t have the ability to see the profile, you’ll be unable to receive the friend request.

Other Methods to Reveal The Profile Of The Lock

Method 1.: identifying the blocked profile on Facebook isn’t hard. It is the first thing to do. go to Locked Profile from your computer or desktop. After that, right-click on the profile picture. Then, select Copy to copy the Image URL. Make a new tab and copy the URL in it. A photo of the profile that’s locked will be shown.

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Method2 Method 2: This is a different method of accessing the profile that is locked. Find the username on the profile which is locked. Now go to ‘’ and type name in place of username. The profile picture will be displayed.

Although we’ve given a variety of ways to examine the profile that is locked we strongly recommend against using this method to see the photo of the profile. When a profile is locked. This is because the person who has Facebook has blocked their account for reasons related to privacy and reasons for the individual to be treated with respect. If you want to invite someone you know to become a friend, it’s ideal to make an invitation to your friends or send a message to the person you want to invite and then wait for a response.

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