How To View and Manage Hulu Watch History | Easy Tutorial

How to delete your entire watch history from Hulu.

Hulu, a popular video streaming website owned by Walt Disney Company (Comcast), is one of the top competitors of Amazon Prime and Netflix.

For Only $6.99 Per Month, You can watch movies and other popular TV shows all over the globe.

Hulu, like its competitors, allows you to view and manage hulu watch history. The watching History can also be used to customize your home screen.

This guide will show you step-by-step How To View and Manage Hulu Watch History.

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How To View and Manage Hulu Watch History

How To View and Manage Hulu Watch History

Go to Continue watching collection on the Home screen to check your Hulu watch history. Scroll down to the bottom to view All Watch History. This will show you all movies and shows that you have watched recently. You can probably find it on the mobile application, but you might need to look it up on a PC.

Hulu could have made things a lot easier for users because the overlay pop-up that displays the keep watching section has no links other than movie thumbnails.

You can watch movies right from where you left them under the Keep Watching collection. It’s as easy as clicking on the movie you want to watch, and it will continue from the last time it was closed or paused.

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How to verify that you have not viewed any episodes previously.

You won’t find episodes you have just watched in the Keep watching collection. The Keep watching collection contains only the shows and movies recently viewed.

To track individual episodes

  • Go to the detail page for the series.
  • Click on the Details button to expand the three dots.
  • Add to my stuff.

Track the episodes on My stuff. My content hub will display how many episodes are left for a particular saved series. The episode status will change based on how many episodes you have watched. Once all episodes are completed, the series will be removed from my stuff.

Hulu allows you to use the progress bar and badges to indicate what you’ve seen and what you haven’t.

How to delete your Hulu watch history

How To View and Manage Hulu Watch History

Hulu adds movies and shows automatically to your watch list. You only need to manually remove some shows from your watch record. This was necessary to allow users to control their watch history. These steps will allow you to delete your Hulu watch history.

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For Hulu web (desktop users):

  • Log in to by opening
  • Next, navigate to the Keep Watching Collection.
  • Hover over a movie/show thumbnail to see more information and options.
  • Click on the X icon to delete the movie or show from your watch history.
  • To complete the removal, click on done or undo to revert it.

For Hulu Mobile App Users:

  • Open the Hulu app from your smartphone.
  • Next, tap on All Watch History.
  • To open the options menu, tap on the three dots at the movie/show thumbnail.
  • Tap on To remove from your watch history.
  • Tap on Confirm to confirm your action or click cancel to undo.

For Hulu TV Users:

  • You can open the Hulu app on smart TV.
  • Navigate to the movie/show detail page.
  • Then select manage movie and manage series.
  • To remove the movie/series, select Remove from Watch History
  • To complete your action, confirm it.

How to delete your entire watch history from Hulu.

How to delete your entire watch history from Hulu.

Clear and reset all Watch History associated with your account. You won’t be able to find the Remove From Watch History option if you browse all Watch History.

These steps will allow you to erase all your watch history

  • Visit the Hulu website from your computer.
  • Log in to your account
  • Next, navigate the Account tab.
  • Select California privacy rights under Privacy & Settings
  • Next, under Manage Activity, then Watch History click on Clear selected.

Can’t access Hulu Watch/Manage History?

Hulu Watch History may still not be accessible due to changes made on the Hulu website or app. You may have missed or not followed the steps properly. You can either re-check the steps or go to the Hulu community Section.

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