How to use Whetblade the Ring | Easy Guide

How to use Whetblade the Ring

Whetblades in the Elden Ring are Key Items that permit the use of Ashes of War at Sites of Grace to grant Skills and Affinities. This page will cover their names, the affinities they unlock, and their locations.

Whetblades They are stored for The New Game Plus. They are also exclusive and cannot be found in later journeys.

Affinities in the Elden Ring determine the scaling of an armament’s attributes attack power, guard boost, and guarded damage negation and passives. Affinities are represented as an icon on the inventory and a prefix to a weapon’s name.

  • Read the damage types to determine the most effective sources and resistances for all kinds of damage.
  • Look up the Status Effects for all buildups of your status and other effects that can be applied to your characters.
  • Look up the list of equipment with special Effects for specific effects-granting or stat-increasing weapons and armor.
  • Read Buffs and Debuffs for more information about the stacking or overwriting effects that affect your character.

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How do you use Whetblade Elden Ring?

Players must first gain access to Ashes of War in Elden Ring by getting the Whetstone Knife to add different affinities to weapons in Elden Ring. This Whetstone Knife can be found close to the South in The Gatefront Ruins at the bottom of a set of steps along the main road, which leads to the ruin.

What does be done with the iron Whetblade?

The Iron Whetblade Unlocks New Scaling Options

Iron Whetblade Iron Whetblade unlocks the Heavy Keen, Quality, or Heavy options for scaling. The Heavy option boosts your weapon’s strength scaling. Keen increases its Dexterity scaling, while Quality boosts Scaling of Strength as well as Dexterity, but at the expense of base damage.

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What do I do with my black Whetblade?

It is believed that the Black Whetblade can be used to make blood, poison, or Occult connection to physical or occult Ashes of War when applying it to the Weapon.

Where do I use Glintstone Whetblade?

The Whetblade isn’t a weapon that can be used by itself, and players must return to the Blacksmith in the Roundtable Hold to use the item.

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