How To Use The Snipping Tool On Chromebook | Easy Ways

Use The Snipping Tool On Chromebook

A lot of young ChromeOS users are searching for any kind of clipping tool. While you have a number of screenshot tools available on the Chrome store, I’d suggest ChromeOS comes with an amazing tool for snipping. All you have to do is to know how to use The Snipping Tool On Chromebook.

The default snipping tools on the Chromebook allow you to capture a complete screenshot, or if you’re interested in a partial screenshot, you can do that too.

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Is there a snipping tool available for Chromebook?

How To Use The Snipping Tool On Chromebook | Easy Ways

Chromebook indeed has a clipping tool that can be used using Control + Shift + Switch.

Use The Snipping Tool On Chromebook

The process of sniping on a Chromebook to capture a portion of a screen is easy. All you have to do is hit Ctrl+Shift+Switch Window, and your cursor turns into a crosshair, and you simply drag the area that you wish to capture the image.

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How do you take a full-page Screenshot using a Chromebook

How To Use The Snipping Tool On Chromebook | Easy Ways

For a full-page screenshot, you must learn the keyboard shortcut the keys Ctrl and Switch in the window, and it will create an entire screenshot.

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Note: All screenshots will be uploaded to the download folder in the format of png.

You are now free to utilize your photo without the need to install any third-party tools. Suppose this post was helpful in any way; you should consider sharing your screenshot via social media. ChromeOS is growing, and more people are seeking out how to utilize the snipping tool for the Chromebook, and you can be able to save time.

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