How to Use Mudaebot Discord | Mudaebot Commands Guide

How to Use Mudaebot Discord

Discord hosts many fun mods and bots. There are many multiplayer games, as well as endless entertainment and fun options. The Mudae Bot is a great addition to the Discord bots. Mudae Bot, a Discord bot that collects your favorite characters from anime or video games, is called Mudae Bot. This feature is also known as the “waifu gacha” of Mudae bot. 

That’s right. You can use the Mudae Bot to play for husbandos or waifus (people call it waifu gacha, but I’ll stick to the norm). Or both. Add them to your harem. (which is fictional of course so keep your horses everybody). Mudae bot has over 50000 characters from anime and video games. Most of the characters have detailed descriptions and stats, which makes it hard to believe that their creators are so dedicated. Each character comes with detailed descriptions and descriptions. 

It doesn’t end there. Every anime and video game added to the Mudae Bot have their own descriptions. You can also claim the characters from the particular anime or video game through the Mudae Bot.

Side note: Mudae bot is one the most popular bots on Discord. Mudae has reached over 9,000,000 discord servers, and has become the top discord bot. Mudae bot can be used by anime, manga, and video game lovers. If you’re one of these people and don’t have the bot installed on your server, then do not wait! Click the link below to invite the bot (this post isn’t sponsored lol xD).

Mudae bot also offers the ability to translate it into any language that you wish. This allows you to play games in your native language with friends, but really no one cares.

Below you’ll find the most comprehensive and detailed guide on how to use MudaeBot discord. This guide is for all ages, no matter how old you are. You can jump down to collect your favorite husbandos and waifus, and create the harem you dream of.

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How to Use Mudaebot Discord? How to play Mudae

Once you have added the Mudae Bot to the Discord Server, users can begin making husbandos and waifus in the chat area. With the help of commands, users can claim their husbandos and waifus.

How do I claim characters in Mudae Bot?

Mudae bot can be described as a waifu gacha video game. It can be customized and claimed by members of Discord servers. You can also catch pokemons, play multiplayer games, and more. Here are the details about the pokemon game and waifu gacha. The multiplayer games, on the other hand, are not much used.

The Mudae Bot lets a user roll for any character ten times. The cooldown will be completed after the user has used up all 10 rolls. After that, they can roll again. After claiming a character, the user must wait until the cooldown is over before they can claim another.

The Mudae Bot is easy to use and the commands are simple and easy for anyone to understand. You will find the details of five to six commands below.

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1. $tu – $tu stands for ‘time up’ and is one of the most important commands in Mudaebot. This will display all of the possibilities that the Mudaebot can provide. This shows you how many times you have to use the gacha for a new character. It also indicates if you are able to claim a character at the current time. It shows you how long you have to wait before you can claim another character.

2. $m – This command is the most basic in Mudae bot. It stands for “marry”. This command allows the user to marry any character in any anime or video game. The character that is rolled will be random, regardless of whether they are male or female (waifus), or both.

3. $w – The second command of the three basic commands. It stands for “waifu” and is identical to the $m command. This command will only be used for waifus, and not husbandos. This command should only be used if your sole purpose is to collect waifus for your collection. You can also roll specific anime ($wa), or game ($wg), female characters to marry.

4. $h – This command is the last of three available in Mudae Bot. It stands for “husbando”. This command works the same as the other commands, but is used only to roll for husbandos and no waifus. This command can be used to create a collection for your own husbandos. You can also roll specific anime ($ha) and game ($hg), male characters to marry.

5. $mm – This command is for “my marry”. This command will allow you to see your harem, or your marriage list. You’ll also be able to see all of the characters you have married.

6. $im [character] – To view a specific character from your Harem, use the $im command, followed by their name. This will display their image, along with basic information like their name, anime/game they are from, their kakera value, and how often they have been claimed. This command can be used to view any character, not just the one you’re married to. You can also use this command to show series or games by using $ima [anime/game]). This will display all characters in that series’ Mudae bot.

7. $note [character name] $[custom descriptions] – This command allows you to add custom descriptions or notes to your husbandos and waifus. A check mark will appear to confirm that the command was successfully executed. You can then check your harem once more times. The custom description for that character will be displayed.

8. $c [character name] $[number or image] – This command can be used to modify the default image for a specific character. You can specify how many images you wish to use as the default image for a particular character.

You can only roll 10 characters when you begin rolling the waifus or husbandos to wed. To claim a character, all you have to do is respond to it with an emoji. Any emoji is sufficient. Once you have reacted, the character will be added to your collection.

If you have rolled more than 10 characters, and you decide not to marry any of them, you’ll need to wait for your cooldown time (30 minutes). You can then start the cooldown again after 30 minutes and choose your husbandos or waifus.

Due to the time limit, you can’t claim all the husbandos and waifus. The waifus and husbandos are limited to 3 hours. If you have waifus, there is no way for anyone else to claim them.

The Mudae bot can create a list of 15 waifus that contains the popularity and points associated with each waifu. The server will choose the list with the most points and the most wides.

Apart from the gaming mod for waifus/husbandos, the bot also has 5 mini-games.

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How to add Mudae bot on your discord server?

The Mudae bot can be added to your server in the same way as other discord bots. You can add the Mudae Bot to your Discord Server by following the steps below

Step 1 : In order to add a Mudae Bot, you must first invite it on your discord server. The official website of Mudae allows you to invite it.You can also invite Mudaebot directly using the link I have provided below. This invite link is identical to the one you’ll find on their official Discord server.

Click the Invite Bot Button.

Step 2 After clicking on the invite link, you will be redirected to the discord and asked to choose the discord server where you wish to add the Mudae Bot.

You must sign in to the server if you are not already signed in.STEP 3 After selecting the Discord server where you wish to add the Mudae Bot, it will ask for permissions.

You should ensure that you have read the permission you will be authorizing. Also, you can change this permission via the bot setting in Discord.

Congratulations! You have successfully added the Mudae Bot to your discord server! !

Next, I recommend that you join Mudae Bot’s support group. You can get help from the community, and if you’re stuck you can always ask someone. To make the most of Mudae Bot, join the Mudae Bot community server.

All Mudae Bot Commands List [ Comandos Mudae ]

More than 450+ commands are available in Mudae, including those related to customization, moderation and utility.

The Mudae Bot Team has meticulously maintained and documented the List. We are grateful to the Mudae Bot Team, for their great documentation and support.

This is the same documentation you can find online. I just listed it here for your convenience.

We’re done! Let’s get started with the Mudae Bot Commands List.

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You can collect waifu or husbando. You can be the first to capture their hearts! $waifu is random waifu. React with people who were younger than 30. $husbando : Random husbando. React to before 30s. $marry: Random husbando or waifu. React to before 30s.

Two types of characters are represented in the commands: game and animated.
To just roll characters ($wg), add the letter g for animanga


$mymarry: Your conquests inventory. To filter your harem or other lists, see the FLAGS LIST section below. $marryexchange : You can exchange characters with the named player. $give: Give the player a gift (limitation). $firstmarry : Change your favorite character. $sortmarry: Sort your characters. $divorce: Divorce a character. $profile: Show your server profile

To separate characters, add a $.

Many commands can be referred to as aliases. Example: $mm = $mymarry


$infomarry: Search to find a character. Example: $im Rem $infomarrya : Search for a sequence. $left: The number of characters that are left for your server. $fn: Use the $note command to find notes in your harem. $fnall: Search all harems on the server for notes. $top: The top 1000 characters. Or #top$topserv: Server character ranking.


$note: Add a message to a character in the harem. $changeimg : Change the main image for a character. $addimg (moderator), Add a custom image to an existing character. $randomimg: Randomize images during your rolls. $rollsleft - Change the location where the message '2 rolls left" is displayed. $alist: Check out the available aliases to a character. $alias: You can swap the main name to a different alias. $alias2 : You can change the secondary alias text to any text you like. $noteimg : Insert a message to an image. $addcustom (moderator), Add a custom character to your server. $like: Add a character in your likelist. $likelist: A list of your favorite characters. $renameclaim: Modify your claim message. Also $renamedivorce. $renameharem. Change the title of your Harem. $renamelikelist : Change the title for your likelist. $profilebadge : Select the badges that will be displayed on your profile. $profilearrange: Organize or hide your profiles categories. $badge: Your badge list. $claimreact (moderator). Customize the rolls' emojis. $kakerareact (admin). Customize the kakera roll emojis.


$marryup: Time left before your next claim. $rollsup : Rolls that have been used before the next reset. $timersup : All timers merged into one message (mu ru du, ku rtu, and bku). $tuarrange : You can customize the information displayed with $timersup $wish : Add a character in your $wishlist to be mentioned. $disable: Remove a series from your rolls. $antidisable - Prevents the series' deactivation from your rolls. $wishseries (player premium) Mention each character in the series. $selfreset: A list of full reset commands for you. $bonus: Your unlocked bonus list. $overview: A summary of your settings. $togglewestern: Enable/disable the western series in your animanga rolls. $toggleirl - Disable/enable series for your rolls with IRL persons. $setfooter: Show your series/name under the image during your rolls. $imglink: Display image links during your rolls. $hideinfodisable - Hide the emoji that indicates a character is disabled ($im/$mmi). $personalrare : Change the spawn rarity for owned characters. $tip: Show a tip. $rolls: Vote Mudae and receive a reset of your rolls ($vote here). $daily : Every 20 hours, a roll reset is available. $haremcopy: (player premium II), Copy your harem to another server under certain conditions. $kakeracopy : (player premium II) Copy your kakera/kakeraloots/badges on another server, under conditions. $limroul (mode 2) Deactivate less-popular characters.


If you need to display different information, add letters to certain commands. These can be combined.

Example: $mmwr only shows your waifus (flag W) and their rank (flag R).

List Flags

W (waifu), H (husbando), W=(waifu with both genders), G (game), G--Animanga), and GG-- (both), respectively. y (keys only), K= (kakera sorted), K--kakera base value), etc. y (keys only), Keys sorted), (y+) (keys sorted), (y+ with full harem), (y-without embedcolor), etc.) , ?@User, User ID, or User tag>. $mm serv  Example: $mmwr Re:Zero


$forcedivorce (admin) Allow a character to be released. $cleanuser (admin) To reset harem and user wishes. $userdivorce : Reset the harem for the character's owner. $thanos (admin) Randomly divorce half of a user's harem. $thanosall (admin) Split the harem half of each player on the server. $bitesthedust (server owner) To reset all harems on the server. $clearnotes (admin) Clears the notes of a user. $clearwishes (admin) Clear the user's wishes. $resetalias2 (admin) To reset all $alias2 characters for a user OR unclaimed characters Or $resetalias for their $alias / $resetimg for their $changeimg $fullreset: (admin) List of full reset commands (aliases, images, wishes, disablelists, embedcolors, keys...) $leftusers: List of players who left the server with characters/wishes/kakera. $restorelist is a list of characters that have been divorced using moderation commands. $restore (admin), Restore a character from restorelist. $channeldeny (admin) Remove certain commands from the current channel. $channelrestrict (admin) Limit certain commands to the channel. $setchannel (admin), Archaic version $channeldeny. $restrict (owner) Limit certain commands to a specific role, so that only that role can access them. $deny (owner) Deny certain commands to a role. $setpermission (owner/admin), More specific permissions, such as the ability to allow users to access $kakerarefund only for them. $togglesilent (owner) Modify how the bot responds to disabled commands. $givecustom (admin) Give a custom character that is not claimed.


$settings: A list of server settings. $setrare (admin) Changes the spawn rarity for owned characters. $settimer (admin) You can change the time it takes to claim a character. $setrolls (admin) Reduce or increase the total number of rolls on the entire server. $setclaim (admin + Server Premium I/II). Change the claim interval (upto one per hour). Non-premium can be used to increase the interval. $shifthour (admin) Change the hour that the claim/rolls reset. $setinterval (admin + Server Premium II) Change the exact time of the claim/rolls reset. $haremlimit (admin) Increase or decrease the number of characters allowed per user. $togglereact (admin) Modify the automatic addition of hearts below the rolls. $channelinstance (admin) Create an instance (server), in the channel. $gamemode (admin) Modify the server's game mode. $servlimroul (mode 2, admin), Disable less popular characters. $toggleclaimrolls (admin), Display or not claim rank during rolls. $togglelikerolls (admin). Display or not like ranks during rolls. $togglekakerarolls (admin) Display the kakera value or not during rolls. $toggledisturbing (admin) Toggle series that contain horror images. $toggleclaimrank (admin) Toggle character ranking based on the number of claims. $togglelikerank (admin) Toggle character rank by number of likes. $serverdisable (admin) Rolls are disabled for up to 1000 characters on the entire server. $togglesnipe (admin) Allows you to change the possibility of claiming on rolls from other players. $togglekakerasnipe is $togglesnipe to get kakera.


Earn kakera points and advantages when you play the mari roulette

$kakera: Get kakera badges and unlock bonus points $kakerareward: Kakera badges detailed rewards. $kakeratower - Build towers using kakera to earn more rewards. $infokl - Get more rewards by using kakera lootboxes. $kakeraup - You have time before you can respond again to a Kakera. $dailykakera - Earn a daily amount in kakera. $topservk: Kakera server ladder. $givekakera - Give kakera. $kakeradm: Where and how you should be notified about Silver IV/Bronze IV/Emerald I bonuses. $mk (premium). Force spawn a Kakera (1-3) per hour. $togglekakera (admin). Enable/disable different methods of collecting kakera. $togglekakerarolls (admin) Display the kakera value or not during rolls. $badgevalue (admin) Modify the base value for some kakera badges. $cleankakera (admin) A list of kakera reset commands. $givescrap (admin) Allows you to give kakera scraps any user. $kakerascrap : Check the amount of kakera you have on your server.


You can unlock the full potential of you character and get more rewards

Roll characters that you already have and unlock them: $embedcolor command and increased kakera earning, and let them join the Soulmate list.

Get more information with $infokeys


$skills - Invest skill points into a character that you own. $arena - Start the game. $mmf (harem option). Get your characters ready for fight. $imf: To see a single character ready to fight. $ds: When the character is out, add a custom sentence. $vs: When the character wins, add a custom sentence. $favarena : Choose your favorite option for the waifu arena.

Equivalent commands are available with Mudae GM

Pokeslot Commands

Earn Pokemon at Rocket casino. $pokemon - Launch the slot machine. $pokedex - Your Pokemon. Options: rare, sumrare, id, abc, full, shiny, leg, beast, gen#, double, emoji ($pde), , $shinyhunt: Hunt for a shiny.

New tries

To see your stock, use $release without arguments. $autorelease: For new tries, release all doubles starting at rarity 1. 2, 3. $pokelike : Make sure you like Pokemon ($pokelikelist), and immunize them with the autorelease command ($togglepokelike if they are not immunized). $pokeprofile : Select the Pokemon you want to display on your $profile

Sort your Pokémon

$sortpkm: double/abc/rare/id/shiny $pokerank: Global top 100. $pokerank leg (or shiny or beast) for the legendaries/shinies/beasts. $pokeserv is the top server. $pokemode - Animation and ping options

Multiplayer games

$blacktea is a turn-based word game that was inspired by bombparty. $greentea - Quickly find any word. $redtea - Find the longest word. $yellowtea : Find the longest word. $mixtea is a mix of all the teas. :) $quiz - A multi-question quiz with a global ranking $jankenpon@User: Rock paper scissors by affinity. $pokeduel @User - Starts a random, useless game called pokeduel


$quote: A random quote from anime. $quotimage: A random quote, followed by an image. Imagine the story. $mudanime is a random phrase inspired by animes. Try it! $rdmperso: Random character from $rdmpokemon: Random Pokemon. $searchpkm : Search for a Pokemon.


To add a random word, you can use $noun, $adverb or $adject in your sentences. $phrase: Random sentence. $poem : Random poem. $say  (or $saymudae) $invert  Part of the words database comes from


$cdn  $kirby  // $kirchoco  //$tea  $chocoshark  // $bear  // $eater  $beam : Burn what you don't like. $customcd      Example: $customcd 10 :chestnut: :deciduous_tree: :chipmunk:


$fate @User - Describes the trend between the mentioned and you. $42ball : Answers to all your questions.

Random events

$alea : Random number. $rdmcountry: Random country. $invent: Invented word.


$lang: Change language (en, fr, pt-br, es or de). $channelhelp: This help will be displayed on the channel. $join: Link for Mudae to join her server and receive more information. $invite : Link to invite Mudae to another server. $wiki: Wiki search. $def Search definition. $prefix: Modify the prefix that invokes Mudae. $vote : Help Mudae entertain the world and receive a reset of your rolls. $patreon - Help Mudae improve its features. $myid: Find your full Discord user/server ID. $date: The time that passes is my only weakness.


$star @User / $lol / $lmfao / $omg / $pervert / $takache / $takawai / $nanachi / $secret $avatar  / $embedtxt 

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