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How to use memory stone

Memory Stone Memory Stone is a key element in Elden Ring because it is vital for both Faiths as well as Sorcery builds. It boosts your memory slots and allows you to build more sorceries or incantations. The Memory Stones are scattered across all of the Lands Between and can be acquired by solving puzzles in different locations.

Memory Stones Memory Stones are needed not just for magic but also for skill and strength builds. It can increase the number of spells which can be equipped so that players can go through multiple spells or incantations without a problem.

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Elden Ring: How to use memory stone

Here are all the Memory Stone Locations in Elden Ring:

  1. Roundtable Hold
  2. Red Wolf of Radagon
  3. Oridys’s Rise
  4. Lenne’s Rise
  5. Converted Tower
  6. Seluvis’s Rise
  7. Testu’s Rise
  8. Demi-Human Queen Maggie

Why Do Players Need to Equip Memory Stones?

Memory Stones are required to boost memory slots, a statistic in the Elden Ring that represents the number of slots for memorizing Sorceries and Incantations. Non-magic players need to have more slots than base since certain spells can boost the power of defence and attack.

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Increasing Maximum Number of Memory Slots

Each class’s starting point has 2 memory slots, which can be expanded to 10 by searching for Memory Stones all over The Lands Between. It is not possible to be over 10 slots of memory; however, this number could be up to 12 through the use of an enchantment called “Moon of Nokstella”.

The talisman can be found inside the chest beneath the massive throne of Nokstella, Eternal City. It is possible to get to this location in Ranni’s questline.

Memory Stone Locations in Elden Ring

Since we know the importance of Memory Stones, here are all the places you can locate Memory Stones in the Elden Ring.

Roundtable Hold

You can get one at the beginning of the game when you’re invited to the Roundtable take place. You can purchase one through twin maiden husks for 3000 Runes.

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Red Wolf of Radagon

Red Wolf of Radagon is a boss at Raya Lucaria Academy. Players must take on this boss to get to Rennala. When you defeat this boss, you will get the Memory Stone.

Oridys’s Rise

Oridy’s Rise can be found within the Weeping Peninsula. The players must solve an obstacle to unlocking the Rise after completing the task and gaining access to the chest near the top of the Oridy’s Rise, which contains a Memory Stone.

Lenne’s Rise

A Memory Stone is located in Lenne’s Rising in Dragonbarrow, eastren Caelid. Access Lenne’s Rise simply by jumping onto the balcony that is open from the Spiritspring to the south at the base of the Tower. The Chest Containing Memory Stone is at the top of Lenne’s Rise.

Converted Tower

The Converted Tower can be found in the western part of Liurnia from the Lakes. There is a Memory Stone at the top of the Tower, which is protected by the form of a puzzle. Players must perform the Erudition gesture before the statue to complete the puzzle. This gesture is acquired by presenting Thops an Academy Glintstone Key at the Church of Truth.

Access can also be gained by jumping across the outside wall and climbing until you get to the back. Then, you’ll need to jump on the roof and then climb the steps to the top of the Tower to access the Memory Stone chest.

Seluvis’s Rise

You must beat Royal Knight Loretta to gain access to the 3 Sisters sub-region. Seluvis’s Rise is one of three towers located within the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes. The Tower is located in the southwest region of the Three Sisters.

Seluvis’s Rise entrance will be closed until the players speak with Ranni in Ranni’s Rise. After talking to Ranni, you’ll get access to the Tower, and The Memory Stone is located in the chest on the top of the Rise.

Testu’s Rise

Testu’s Rise is situated in the northern part located in the northern region of Liurnia of Lakes. The entrance is protected by a maze similar to Oridy’s Rise. It requires interaction in a conversation with an Imp statue that will prompt you to find the three giant beasts. You can finish this task through the killing of three turtles within Testu’s Rise.

After completing the puzzle, go to Testu’s Rise and unlock the chest on the high up on the Tower. You will be able to find the Memory Stone.

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Demi-Human Queen Maggie

Finding the Memory Stone by Defeating Demi-Human Queen Maggie is also possible. The boss is a Field Boss found at the Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir.

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